4KCBWDAY2 Maskot Project

Today we are supposed to pick a project, yarn or pattern that embodies the animal of the house we chose. I am a BEE people, choosing and finding ONE thing is not our strong point!

I thought of 2 kinds of projects that maybe reflect what kind of a knitter I am

1)The “idea still to be knitted” project

Rather than a yarn, button or pattern I have my tools of design
– my ever active brain that thinks up more designs than I could knit, but there are those that just grab me as they form in my mind and I have to knit them straight away. Often the idea comes to me as I fall asleep like Winter is Coming
– then I have my tool of the trade. A stitch dictionary, my pattern notebook, a pencil, calculator, papers with randomly drawn sketches as I have the idea and just have to jot it down and of course a faithful cup of tea


2) The “I wish I had thought of that design” project

I have a photography friend Andre and he says there are moment when he will see a picture and think, wow I wish I took that image it is wonderful. I love looking at what other people are designing and having moment when I think, wow that is great I wish I had thought of that. This is both inspiring and humbling in a terrifying way as it makes me think I am such a small fish is such an experienced sea of designers.

But the ideas keep coming into my head and so I keep following their lead. I have always said I am an ideas person.