4KCBWDAY1 The House Cup

I am taking part in the 4 Knitting and Crochet Blog Week run by Eskimimi You can get all the info over on her blog.

Why the random letter to tag the post? If a unique sequence of letters and numbers is used then it is easy to google and find other people participating in the blog week.

Each day there is a topic, today is choosing a house. This is much like the Harry Potter houses and while we might have aspects of all the houses it is to pick the one we identify with most. To pick a house read all about them here

I am definately a bee: The House of Bee: Bees are busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture their interest.

While I am not attracted by bright shiny things in the sense of bling, I am distracted by yarn, patterns and ideas. This means that I always have a lot of project on the go at one time. These in the knitting world are known as WIPs ( work in progress) I have to have many sets of needles in sizes I use often as I will more often than not need to have more than one project going on a particular size needles.

I get bored easily and so I need to have different projects to keep me interested. I also have different project to do at different times. When I sit and wait for Rachel at swimming I need an easy project that does not require much thinking or counting, so a complicated lace pattern is out. I usually knit socks or a simple shawl.

Then for in front of the TV I like to have a project to knit, this can be slightly more complex than the simple going out project. I will follow a pattern in front of the TV or make notes on a design that I am working on.

I also usually have a complicated pattern that will require attention but these get knitted very very slowly as I don’t have that much uninterrupted time just to concentrate on knitting.

Besides these, there is usually the project I just had to cast on because I had a design idea and wanted to see how it would work. There are often present and gifts for people that added in quickly as I need them.

At the moment these are my WIPs

IMG_6806_medium2 I am nearly finished my design for a bigger Winter is Coming The original is a single 100g sock weight shawlette and is perfect for round your neck in winter. I wear mine all the time. Many people asked for the bigger version, the new season of Game of Thrones inspired me to work on the big version. I am 6 rows from casting off.

It has not been without its challenges but I think it is nearly done. When to write it all up from my scribbled notes and see if Clare my tech editor can make it pretty and





MSH9_medium2This is a My Son’s Hero I am working on for a friend

This was my inspiration: I thought of my own boys and how every mom is her little boy’s hero. We learn to love getting stones and not flowers. We learn that while they can be rough, they need a safe place in their mother’s arms. We need the strength to help them grow into men with honourable characters; the space to let them learn, fall, get up and succeed. Every boy’s mom needs a cape to remind us of our important job. This is my modern take on a hero cape for moms.

I love this shawl, my own one is languishing in packet as right after I finished it Titus cut it.  I needed super powers of control not to kill him!






These are Vanilla Toe Up socks by Carle that I am working on for The Geek’s birthday. You will note how he is being brave and letting me knit stripped socks for him and not just plain grey. This self stripe grey called Granite is dyed by Carle from Nurturing Fibres and I am really enjoying it. I am thinking of pushing The Geek’s boundaries with a colourful heel.






This is my wedding shawl that I just ran out of time to finish and I think I have a new idea, I sketched something yesterday in the middle of knitting ( see I can’t focus on one thing for very long) but I am not sure whether to finish the plan I had for this and then start another project for the new idea. It is really not this colour but a much more pink and less orange. It just did not photograph well with my phone.




IMG_8371_1_medium2I am totally in love with this Hippo called Happypotamus it is the cutest crochet hippopotamus ever! My Friend Heidi designed this cute toys which was released on Ravelry last night and is in the top 10 new projects at the moment. I don’t really know how to crochet. I have made some simple amigirumi Star Wars toys for the kids but they were just single crochet round and round. But this toy is so cute that I have worked through the African Flower tutorial on Heidi’s Blog. And am really keen to make more so I can make this hippo. I am quite proud of my crochet attempts for a beginner. I am going to use My Nurturing Fibres Kommetjie Club yarn for my hippo





I wrote down all the projects I thought I had on the go first and then then went to take the photos. And discovered a few more Wips

This is a shawl I started with a totally different idea and then it morphed into something else. I had to stop when I got busy with wedding stuff but I am actually keen to get back to it.



hairdragoncrop_medium2And of course my own Dragon’s Hope in grey which I am really looking forward to wearing this winter.







So this is why I am a bee, and we will not talk about all the other project at the bottom of the cupboard that I have not looked at in years. These are just all the current ones I am actually working on now.

3 thoughts on “4KCBWDAY1 The House Cup

  1. I know the easily distracted feeling very well. I think I may have some other WIPs although I am in denial and pretend they are not really there.

    I made a chain – one day I will make a motif – one day

  2. Hello fellow bee! You have some beautiful wips on the go. Can I just say again how in love with Dragon’s Hope I am? Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts for this week.

  3. Thanks Jo, amazing how many bees there are. I wonder if it is an affliction of those with creative and crafty tendancies

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