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The Cake

I had some grand ideas to make the cake myself, but the idea became more and more daughting, especially given everything else we would be doing.

My sister is a cake decorator in England and although they would be able to attend the wedding we chatted about the cake and she offer a lot of ideas. We decided that if I got the cake made, she would send some things to help me decorate it. This was she felt she could be involved in a small way.

We decided on a white 3 tier cake. I contacted Nadine from Jorja’s Cakes. I asked her if she could make the cake and add a tree up the side. I told her about my sister wanting to help and she was so nice and agreed to make the cake and only do some of the decorations. The job she did was lovely, the cake was perfect. I could never have got it all so smooth and professional looking.

My sister sent 2 little twitter bird toppers back with my Mom from the UK. And some heart cutters and coloured fondant. Ghilraen, Sarah, Heather and my Mom helped me make it look wonderful. Please note my lovely bunting around the cake table. I sat sewing them for weeks before, the ladies at my blanket tea also helped me sew some. They were here and on the chicken coop and at the farm house.


We were looking for a knife to cut the cake and could not find the one that had been packed. In looking through her kitchen draws Carle found a big meat cleaver. Dad laughted and said it was perfect, the wedding was so non traditional that the cake cutting might as well be too. We hid it in a cake tin and the look on Yme’s face was priceless.






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