Morning of Play Dough

I had a bit of a sad day yesterday so today I thought I would just make it fun for the kids and me and just enjoy stuff together. We built puzzles, I just gave them time and attention, instead of trying to juggle too many other things. I then made play dough.

All 3 had fun, Titus had to learn not to eat it 😀

I thought the things the older 2 made were so clever.


Caleb’s mince, peas, carrots, beans and lettuce

Rachel’s selection of cakes

Rachel’s chicken, peas, carrots, lettuce, beans and tomatoe

Rachel made a cake for Titus

Caleb’s Cakes

Rachel made a steak tartare, she watched the Mr Bean episode on You Tube and then we watched how to make it properly on You Tube last night. Hers has the capers and pickles and everything in it.

3 thoughts on “Morning of Play Dough

  1. I love what they made out of the playdough. They are very crafty.
    Your youngest are getting big now. Wow!
    Love that you are now blogging more regular. Have missed it.

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