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Quick Easter Bag

This is really quick and you even have time to do it before tomorrow. I left things to the last minute as always and Rachel has been nagging me all week to make Easter Baskets. Then we saw a felt bag on Pinterest and decided a bag was a better idea. We did not have felt though, but quite advantageously we had some yellow material with little lambs. Rachel loves yellow and I know lambs are not strictly speaking Easter but they do fall into Spring, which is what the pagan festival Eostre was about this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. Down South we should really be having an autumn celebration like Halloween.

This is not the proper proper way to make a bag but I had limited time and did not want to sew the edge together and then sew the top seam together while this was in a tube, I just went with what was fast this morning. I did not measure a single thing. I just looked and saw more or less what size I wanted to there are not fixed measurements here.

You will need:

– Fabric. The type does not matter, I did not line it or make this bag for longevity. I used a light printed cotton, but a thicker fabric like denim can be used too.
– Pins
– Scissors
– Ribbons, ric rac, buttons or other decorations
– Iron
– Small safety pin
– Sewing Machine
– Over locker



Fold over and pin the fabric to the size you want and cut, mine had a pattern so it was easy to cut without needing to measure and still get a straight line. You may need to measure and pin if you fabric has no design as a guide to cut straight.


Open fabric and fold over a small fold on what will be the top edge of the bag. Pin in place


Iron the fold down removing the pins as you go, this step can be skipped if you can confidently make a rolled hem without ironing.




Fold over again this time a slightly bigger fold for the top as you will later attach the handle in this space so it needs to be a decent sized hem.



Cut handles, remember they need to be folded in half and over locked so make them wide enough. The length depends on how long you want your handles. Make it long enough to cut in half to make 2 handles or cut to strips


Sew down the folded over and ironed top edge

We added ribbon over the row of sewing stitches of the top hem


Sew second row, or other decorations like ric rac, different ribbon colours etc, we just used 2 stripes of the same colour ribbon.


Now fold your bag in half, sew down the side and bottom seam to close the bag.

I overlocked both the side and the bottom edges

Now take the bottom edge and fold it over to meet the side seam

Pin and sew across this line, you don’t need to do this step but it gives the bag a box bottom, easier for getting things in and out of.

I used the side that I had already sewn to measure and pin the other side.

Fold the handle in half lengthwise, with the right sides together and overlock.

Pin the safety pin to one side of the handle, through only one layer of fabric

Turn and push the safety pin through the middle of the handle tube ( excuse the messy desk behind)

Keep working the safety pin through


Until the pin pops out the otherside and you have successfully turned your handles the right way around.


Iron flat and cut in half


Attach the 2 ends of a handle with a square of sewing on the inside of the bag on the top hem, each one about 3-5cm from the side seams. Repeat on the other side with the 2nd handle

And voila your bag is done.



Caleb did not want a yellow lamb bag and not one can blame the boy so he took some boxes from the recycling and ask Pappa to make him a Robot Easter Bag.
Robot in progress with scale weight to hold it in place while the glue dried
photo (77)

Easter Robot – with caterpillar track wheels and all
photo (87)

Callie thinks he looks like Wall-E
photo (89)

photo (90)

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