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Wedding Hair on the Big Day

I blogged quite a lot about what I was going to do with my hair for wedding.
At first I thought I might like it rainbow I then later had a vote on the blog to see what options people liked. It still surprises me that 111 people voted!

I went for a few hair trials and found out a lot about what I did not want.

In the end I (we, as we don’t really talk about the fact that The Geek has hair dyeing skills) did my hair colour at home. We have been doing it for so long that it was just easiest and cheapest for the budget. Since the vote for a light pink with blonde, which I really loved. I had been working on getting my colour lighter. I used Special Effects as always, but the Cupcake pink, and then mixed it with conditioner to get a light pink colour. I had been dyeing the roots with this as they grew out and letting the back slowing wash out and fade from the bright days of Atomic Pink to the softer shade on the day. It is amazing how much pink was left even after no having dyed that part of my hair for over a year.

weddinghairI then found the lovely Natasha who is a make-up artist, home school mom and blogger she normally does Make up for TV Commercials but she agreed to come and help me. She did my hair, my bridesmaid Ghilraen and both our Make-Up. What was even more amazing was that she came to the place my parents were renting at 5:30am to help us all get ready on time. I really love the way my hair and make up turned out on the day. We did a trial 2 weeks before and she really listened to me and captured what I wanted. I am always worried with someone doing my make up that it is going to be too much. I wear very little normally but Natasha was wonderful, she was very understated and kept me looking like me ( just on a really good day)



wedding hair

Here I am signing the register and you can see the hair from the side. Please note the pen I am signing with. Carle’s attention to detail meant that she found a pen made from a knitting needle, and it was in pink! And of course the beautiful tiara that The Geek got me. But that and the necklace need a post of their own.

Ghilraen and I together. I think we looked great

Ghilraen’s Hair at the back

11 thoughts on “Wedding Hair on the Big Day

  1. You looked SO beautiful!!!

    My very manly husband used to do the highlights in my hair, and he used to do a better job than any hairdresser.

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