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Ring and Blanket

(I was having issues with my blog and adding pictures so I am a bit behind, I will add a few pre-wedding ones and then some about the wedding and honeymoon)

Have you ever had a moment when you realised that you were surrounded with such love and part of something so much bigger than yourself?

I had this on Saturday (26 Jan). Some mysterious parcels have been arriving at our house which I have not been allowed to open. I never had an engagement ring, I asked him to save him waiting to afford a ring, which we could not really and to make it about wanting to make this commitment rather than about the bling. But unbeknown to me. The Geek had poured over the pages of Etsy and spent many hours trying to figure out what the perfect ring would be. He also knew the plans for later in the day so he made the point of giving me his present that morning. It was not a big fuss or a huge planned event but it was perfect. He got something, so me, so perfect. I have had diamond and platinum ( which I bought myself after my first wedding, there was no romance in it) and this means more to me, it is so full of love.

The photos are not the best but you will get the idea


Inside it says “Jy is my alles”

Carle and I spent the morning shopping for wedding stuff. We got some great things and were feeling well chuffed with ourselves for crossing so many things off our list. During the week she had suggested that we go to tea after our shopping, I had invited some people over to help me with wedding crafts so we decided to invite them too. Little did I know that Carle and a whole group of my Ravelry friends had planned a surprise for me and were all waiting for me at the Cape Grace.

It was a wonderful afternoon. I knew they had been planning a wedding gift/surprise as Carle had started a thread and then gone onto it from my phone to set it on ignore so that I could not see it. This way they could chat and plan and I would not see the thread and be tempted to read it. I knew it was there and I could have gone and found it but I wanted it to be a surprise and oh boy that is what it was.


They organised the most amazing blanket for our bed. But not any blanket.

Carle choose colours to represent each of the 5 of us in the family. I was pink, Yme grey, Rachel yellow, Caleb green and Titus blue for his eyes as we are not sure of his favourite yet. Then she assigned colours to each of our siblings and parents. People from all around the world volunteered and knitted squares and then a group got together and crocheted all the squares together. Her and Pam co-ordinated more than 40 people and had to make sure they could get the right yarn in the right colours and that all the squares would get to SA in time to be sewn together.


The pink is always next to grey, the kids colours always touch sides with either the pink or the grey. But the corners of the blanket show the true thought and attention to detail that went into this. They are red and white for Natasha. It was to symbolize a jersey she called Yme’s Denis the Menace jersey, and her beautiful red hair. They are the corner stones of the blanket, such a wonderful way to remember her. (They were knitted by a wonderful friend who also lost a sibling)


There is me looking and reading the book that went with the blanket, it had a note from everyone that contributed. Again it shows that the most precious things in the world are things that can never be bought.




The whole blanket (on a king size bed, just to give you an idea of the size)

A huge thank you to Carle and Pam and every person who knitted on this special blanket. I will treasure it forever. ( You will see that there was a square missing, this is the last one that my daughter and mom knitted together while Rachel was visiting my parents. Carle will help me put it in and then it is all ready to winter.

Thank you my friend – (Carle getting tissues from Jo)


12 thoughts on “Ring and Blanket

  1. The blanket looks wonderful. It was great to be involved in such a lovely idea. It turned out beautiful. And I really love the ring! Lots of hugs and love Katherine

  2. Sally, this was a fantastic thing to be involved in, and Carle did an absolutely incredible job coordinating everything 🙂
    I hadn’t realised about the colour symbolism – thanks for explaining it.
    Lovely photos, and what a gorgeous venue in which to receive your gift!!

  3. Wow! Lovely things are coming your way! So nice to have women surround and care about you. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up to date with your blog (pregnancy you know- EDD is tomorrow!), but hope to much more int he future! All the best.

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