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Wedding Hair

I went to do the colour for the wedding trial hair today. When in to the hair dresser at 11:30 and out at 4:15! It was a long day but it was quite nice not to have kids running around calling Mommy every 0.035 seconds.

We did a paler pink, left some lighter blond bits, it is hard to do it exactly like the other pic as it is not blonde to start with and rather pic. That picture was blonde with pink marbled on. So unless I bleached it all and stripped out the pink it would not work and I really don’t want to strip or damage my hair.

Here is the final result

I love the sides BUT I think the the plaits must go into the roll and be a bit less fussy at the back, what do you think?

this is the part I am not sure about

12 thoughts on “Wedding Hair

    • Yme has bought me a surprise Tiara, as one has to have a tiara if your watch The Big Bang Theory.
      Thanks for the group comments. Yme likes it so I guess that is all that matters 😉

  1. Wow – amazing!! The sides are great, but I agree that the back is a little fussy…
    I guess it depends on whether your dress is simple (which might suit fussy hair), or more elaborate…
    Happy New Year!

  2. Mmmm….now that I have seen the dress I am a bit unsure of this style. I am not sure if it goes with the style of dress that you have. Also. Does this look work with a tiara? I think that soft curls will be better. You can still pin it up?
    I don’t know. I just feel that this is not who you are. And I mean this in the nicest possible way. You are free-spirited and fun and hippy-like. I don’t feel that this is you. One can’t really even see the blonde bits. Am going to find a picture of what I think may work better for you then I will mail you. Please don’t take this comment in the wrong way? OK?

  3. Yup, we leave on our travels in less than 2 weeks now… Not ready of course, but it will all come together in the end. It always does!
    Can’t wait to see you all too, and of course – meet Titus at last!

  4. OK – style expert Oscar’s opinion:
    “Wow! I like all the braids, but the big roll at the back is too complicated. There should be more braids instead…”

    I think he has a point – it’s the roll AND the braids that are too much. One or the other perhaps? 🙂

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