Stop Camel Light Fun colour boxes!

The Geek smokes, he is trying not to but that is another story. He usually smokes camel and he showed me with some amusement the new bright coloured box he had. It is part of a new limited edition coloured boxed like the ones in this picture. He was surprised how vehemently I reacted against them. They are fun and bright, very clever marketing, I have even heard adults on twitter say that they have not smoked in years or were about to quit and were tempted by the new fun colourful boxes.

Marketing that targets adults is one thing but using bright fun colours often associated with kids, toys and sweets is irresponsible, especially for a brand of light cigarettes, which might be a starting choice for teens. If adults are struggling to resist what about under age teens this holiday? Making smoking fun is irresponsible and dangerous. Tobacco companies can do what they like to adults, but when they blur the line and target children I get furious.

Titus (23 months) has never shown any interest in The Geek’s cigarettes, but he saw the box on the counter, pushed over a chair and got them down and tried to eat them because he thought they were sweets! If a baby under 2 is programmed to associate bright colours with sweets and something nice what chance to older kids have.

I am disgusted and appalled at the lack if integrity and regard for children’s safety.

If you like me feel strongly about this, and I encourage every parent with their child’s well being at heart to take the time to complain.

I have as yet not managed to get any tobacco company to take ownership of the camel brand. Everyone tells me it is someone else. I did read something that said that Camel was being brought into SA under Jti and I have emailed them a complaint, there is no direct number.
You can email a complaint to There is a very simple on line form to fill in.
Blog about it
Complain to any shops that you see stocking them
Complain on Hello Peter
Complain to the department of Health
Email or tweet you local government representative. I am going to tweet Helen Zilla. @helenzilla

Our kids need protecting at all costs.

12 thoughts on “Stop Camel Light Fun colour boxes!

    • Steve he never smokes near the kids at all, it is always outside when they are not around, so don’t try deflect the bad marketing from Camel.
      Thanks for the spell correction, I have changed it

  1. Mmmm…I don’t like the packets because I think they look stupid.

    Don’t you think the wanting to eat them has less to do with the colour than with seeing one of his grown-ups stick things from such a packet in their mouth every now and then. Tampons come in the same coloured boxes – does he try to eat them too?

    I don’t think the colours are aimed at marketing to children personally or packaging the cigarettes as sweets. Kids tend to smoke on the sly (older kids obviously), so something not so easy to spot might be more to their liking as far as I know. And the main attraction is probably doing something that they know they shouldn’t be doing, not the brightly or otherwise coloured packaging.

    The people you are looking for is JTI as far as I know. I think this is a bit of a storm in a teacup, but good luck with your complaint.

    • I guess I have just seen too many people died gruesome deaths as a cancer nurse to think that there is anything ‘fun’ about smoking. At least trying to eat a tampon ( not that I use them) is not going to make Titus sick

  2. JT International South Africa PTY Limited are the importers of Camel. 24 Georgian Cres, Hampton Park South, Bryanston. 011 540-7700. Their previous name was R.J. Reynolds Tobacco International, which is still the name of the US company to my knowledge. I also found listings of other branches on Brabys and other online directories.

  3. I’m not talking about secondary smoking, I’m talking about tertiary smoking – read the link I posted.

    Alternatively (and this is positively revolutionary), don’t let your toddler see the packets, by putting them somewhere where your toddler can’t see.

    • Still not going to affect my kids as he does not smoke in the house or car they drive in so there is no tertiary exposure.
      You tone suggests you think we are stupid!

  4. A bit late to this discussion, but just wanted to add something. Yes, your toddler will try to eat your tampons when he dug the box out of the cupboard.

    I’ve quit smoking in 2005, and never notice cigarettes anymore, but just seeing the pictures of these brightly coloured boxes I had a slight urge to buy some. There market might not be grown up men, but I think it would be more tempting for young girls.

  5. The reason their phone number is never answered is because it is NOT their number! It’s my house number and is incorrectly listed all over the internet. I am really tired of people calling my house looking for a tobacco business. Please remove this number from this website!!!

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