Rachel’s Egg-cellent Market Day

Rachel and her friend Thomas had an egg stall at the kids market day. They each had 7 boxes and were very equitable and alternated sales.
Ollie also made some biscuits to sell. Caleb ran around and was the ‘support’ team. Although next time I think I will make some things with him to sell too.

They sold out on all their eggs and had a good time. They will definitely be doing the one near Valentines day in February

These are the little labels she designed and made for her egg boxes
Kids market day Eggs

I took some photos of her and Caleb with 2 of our chickens so she could show that the eggs were not just from the shop and that she is the chicken ‘farmer’
Kids Market day

At the market – when we arrived she was a little nervous
Kids Market Day

Egg Table

Other tables
Kids Craft Market

Photo from the Photographer that was there on the day Akaroo

Last 2 people on Earth

We have all heard people say things like, “not even if they were the last person on earth would I procreate with them to save the human race.” This is not my reason I would not procreate, mine is that I am not sure we should survive, which I guess is easy to say now that I have 3 kids.

I have no idea how The Geek and I got onto the topic but we were talking about the survival of the human race. We have very different views. Yme is very interested in space and planets and the idea of finding other possible habitable planets we can go to one day after we have destroyed Earth. I on the other hand think that we are the most dangerous species on this planet and that if we all died off and had not destroyed everything else, that nature here on Earth would be a whole lot better off without us. The natural balance of nature would be restored. Animals would reclaim land and just about all species would be better off without us. The sad part is that by the time we can no longer inhabit this world, we would have made it uninhabitable for most other species too. I always laugh when I see the programs on TV nature channels about the deadliest animals. The top of the list is the one we see in the mirror each day!

So I do not think we have the right to go and populate other planets because we are destroying ours beyond repair. I do not have much faith in human nature on the whole. Yes there are some awesome kind wonderful people but most of us are selfish and want our creature comforts more than make sure nature is in balance.

The discussion about repopulating the Earth after our previous conversation about going to other planets, was an interesting one. I do not think that if there are only 2 people left that they should procreate. First it would mean at some point having sex with a son or daughter and brothers and sisters having babies together. Not only are we not a great species to start with but with such a limited gene pool it would be a disaster. Apparently according to The Geek you need about 400 people to have enough genetic variation not to have problems.

I sincerely hope I am not one of the last 2 people on Earth and if I am, I hope that I have batteries and a BOB ( battery operated boyfriend) because I am not having babies.

What do you think?

Secret Santa

My wish list for christmas. I have joined The Stiletto Mum’s Secret Santa gift swap. So if you want to know what Pinky wants for Christmas here is my list, very obviously some stuff will not fit in the R100 budget but maybe the real Santa is reading this too.

I have just gotten into The Game of Thrones audiobook and am listening to the first half of book one. I have no idea if you can buy an audiobook for someone but I am totally loving knitting and ‘reading’ at the same time and would love the 2nd half of book 1 and the rest of the series.

I love to take relaxing baths now and again when it is quiet in the house so anything nice for the bath is always welcome.

Pretty hair clips or hair scarfs are always welcome, they can be fairly funky

Things to eat, I love chocolate so you can’t go wrong with chocolate, and of course nougat and turkish delight and lint balls

Mugs, I love a BIG mug for my tea and coffee otherwise I just start drinking and it is finished which is very disappointing

I love handmade things, I am a knitter and crafter and appreciate the time and effort in a hand made item.

More knit pro cables ( 100cm) and other 2,5mm fixed cable sock needle. These can be found at www.skapie.co.za

Darning needles, I am always loosing them and could do with 100

I am a bit of a yarn snob so natural yarn ( wool, cotton, bamboo, camel, alpaca, sugar cane etc) is welcome.

I really want some cute Mary Jane’s to show off my knitted socks. Like these ones from Groundcover size 8 in fuschia please

Chai vanilla tea from Woolies is lovely

A wedding planner and person to make all the decorations and take over all the stress would be good.

Any patterns from my Ravelry queue would be nice, you can gift them to me

JoJo rainwater collecting drum

clinique par Amour Perfume

Will add if I think of more