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Giveaway Rawlicious Recipe Book and DVD

I have a great Giveaway at the moment for a Rawlicious Recipe book and DVD course. It seems just in time for the #twittermomsixpackclub but also for anyone who wants to improve their general health. I am not vegan nor vegetarian but I have this book myself and it is great ideas for Meat Free Monday and other Raw Food ideas. I could never be totally raw but I know that the more times a week we have raw whole food the better for the whole family. I have blogged about one of the amazing Raw Food meals that I made from here that the whole family loved.

There are some great ideas for things to do with your own produce too and an section on starting to sprout which even those who are challenged in the green fingers department can try. Here are my sprouts

The more I read for the Six Pack Challenge the more I see that a lot of what we eat and what is considered to be a healthy diet might be wrong. The amount of carbohydrates that we need is very very little and should come from our fruit and vegetables and not refined carbs like bread, pasta, rice and cakes. We are literally poisoning our boy with carbs and sugar and avoiding fat and protien which we need.

The food pyramid that was introduced as the basics of healthy eating has actually had the opposite effect and people are fatter and more obese than ever. Low fat and low protien diet seems to be killing us from heart disease and strokes rather than saving us.

Atkins started suggesting we had it all wrong and now big names like Dr Tim Knoakes, the sport physician, have joined in the low carb diet to improve health and fitness. My uncle when to one of his talks recently and I must say I am really keen to try go to one myself. Given that my dad with zero risk factors but bad genes had a triple by pass I think I need to take note.

The fat burning diets and all the tips for showing off the 6 pack that might be hiding under the fat is that it needs to be as close to nature as possible. If you can pick it, grow it or catch it then it is okay. Kick out all the refined foods. Well nothing gets more natural than the raw food diet. I am adding meat to mine 😉 but I am careful that we get non hormone meat as packing the body with hormones when I am trying to keep the kids healthy does not seem like a good idea. I love the ideas in this book as it helps me to cut back on our reliance on carbohydrates. I am especially keen on all the morning smoothy ideas as an alternative to cereal. Hopefully this book and a the stomach exercises will help me show off any six pack that might be waiting underneath. They say that it is 80% diet and 20% exercises, but I am not sure if they ( those who quote these stats know how far from muscles and more like jelly my belly actually is)

That is enough of my ramblings, on to the prize. Soaring Free have given me a great prize for a blog reader to win.

Rawlicious Recipes for Radiant Health written by Peter and Beryn Daniel

And a 4 DVD series. I have not watched this and am very jealous. I just have the book but I am sure the DVD has all sort of helpful tips. ( If you live in CT and win I might invite myself around to come and watch)

How to enter:
– Comment here below and tell me why you want to win. Are you a sixpack Mommy, are you going Raw, are you just looking to improve your health?
For extra entries ( you need to let me know here if you have done the extra entries so when I enter them in the draw I enter your name the right number of times)
– Like the Rawlicious FaceBook Page and come tell me you have Liked them
– Tweet “Win a Rawlicious Recipe book and DVD course – enter on @pinkhairgirl blog http://www.pinkhairgirl.co.za/2012/08/14/giveaway-rawli…e-book-and-dvd/ ”
and come and tell me here that you have tweeted.

-The competition will close on Sunday 26 August 2012 midnight South African Time
– Names are randomly drawn using Random Picker on line
– Open to residence of South Africa only
– Winner needs to write a review/thank you on their blog or if you don’t have a blog send it to me so I can put it up here on Pink Hair Girl
– Entrance must be 18 or older

16 thoughts on “Giveaway Rawlicious Recipe Book and DVD

  1. I am so so excited about this giveaway! I’ve never won anything in my life before and this would be a super prize to start with. I’ve already tweeted and liked the Rawlicious Facebook page – I only wish I could like it more than once! We have managed to switch to a 90% organic fruit and veg diet and I have heard how beneficial it is to eat a diet high in raw, natural-state ingredients but I just don’t know where to start. At the moment the only raw foods we eat are salads and these are very uninspired. I would love the experts to teach me how to make imaginative and delicious raw dishes that my kids will benefit from and we will all enjoy. I do feel we aren’t getting the full positive effects of our organic foods by cooking them. So I really really hope I win!

  2. I have tweeted and liked the Rawlicious FB page. I would LOVE to win the recipe book and dvd. We not following a raw diet at the moment but I think with all the training I do a raw diet could only be beneficial and help lose a little weight (which is a bonus)
    I would love to teach my kids about a raw diet.

    Really hope I win…..

  3. Hi Pink Hair Girl

    I did 4 months RAW last year before having a serious accident in December. I managed to continue it all the way through the 3 weeks I spent in hospital. I was unable to maintain it when I got home from hospital as I immobile for months afterwards and my husband had his hands full with our three very young children, ages 3, 4 and 5………..way too busy to try and remember to rinse my sprouts, if you know what I mean. Besides, friends were brining meals for me and my family for the first 2 months……I could’t be too picky.

    Anyway, It’s been 8 months since my accident and my Dr’s are telling me that it is crucial to my recovery that I eat a high nutrient, live-enzyme, vegan RAW diet. I’m trying to get back to that space now.

    I have Liked the Rawlicious FB page, Tweeted and Google+, I have also share this Blog post and the Rawlicious FB page on my FB page.

    Much love and warmth
    Jacqueline Edmiston

  4. I also blogged about your giveaway and how awesome it is!
    I think I should win mostly because I have no idea how to grow sprouts and also because I am clueless about living raw properly and I want to really improve my health and that of y children.

  5. This might just get us on the real road to raw food diet, my husband just needs to see the value, and I believe this book / dvd’s will really help. I try to eat a lot of raw foods but find organic food too expensive at this stage in our life. I still need to start a veg garden in our new garden (a very small patch is available and not under blue gum trees 🙁
    So please, please let me win…

  6. I would love to win this book. I have recently been to a talk by Tim Noakes and am really keen to put some of what he talked about into practice. Any help I could get for ideas is great.

  7. I would like to incorporate a few raw food meals in my diet for health purposes. I’ve heard of a few recipes that sound delicious!

  8. I’m more of a believer that if you listen to what the body wants you should be fine. Lost over 20kgs on a pizza and beer diet. 😉 True story.

    That said, never really gave the whole raw food diet a thought. Most of my life I’ve veered in that direction because, well it’s what I enjoy most. Everything has to be underdone, and my fish raw. That said I don’t really eat other meats, so perhaps that’s also a factor?

    Personally I think the best thing anyone can do is simply cut processed foods out of their diet. Nothing wrong with a pizza if you make it from scratch with fresh produce, not so sure about those freeze-dried-last-in-freezer-for-20-years ones though. 🙂

  9. PinkHairGirl what a wonderful give away. I did a Vegan challenge last year and although it was hard I felt so healthy after it. I could not be a full time vegan or raw food person but I would love to learn how to incorporate more raw food into our diet. Especially with summer on the way. Thanks, Clare. I will also like the RAW page on FB

  10. Am going to have to get myself this book. Am considering going Paleo/Caveman so doing lots of research on it and especially the costs as I’m thinking it can be quite expensive to maintain?

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