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6 pack challenge – starting point

I saw some of the olympic high jump athletes with their flat 6 pack stomachs. I thought, gosh that would be nice, it was not a very serious thought but I did tweet

“I want a six pack. What are the chances after 3 kids?”

Lots of people said with diet and exercise it was possible. The tweet that caught my eye was by @AshTordiffe “Ha! Me too, Worth a bash, hey? (After 4 kids for me!)

I thought well if not, why not. I said to her I will if she will and soon others were joining too. #twittermomsixpackclub started. Some are fit and exercising already and just want to tone more and some are complete couch potatoes like me.

People have asked how we should work the club and I was thinking maybe we can all keep a log of where we start and then we can see our progress. I am not sure if everyone has a blog, otherwise FB or just short updates on twitter.

I have a zero extra budget for this so am not going to gym or seeing a dietician or anything fancy. I am just googling and winging it, but for those who can that is great. I found this Wiki which I am going to use 6 pack Wiki

I suggest starting with a Photo ( front and side)
and then whatever info you are comfortable sharing on-line weight, cm, etc
Then maybe what your plan is so we can share diet and exercise plans.
Keep track of how long or how many of an exercise you could do at the start, again so we can compare.

My pre challenge stats

Weight: 69kg ( I was quite surprised it was under 70 actually)
Not sure of body fat percentage and not going to a gym to have it measured as I don’t want to be bullied about joining.
Will measure and add my cms later

My first attempt at any of the stomach exercises was rather dismal but I guess it can only get better

Cruches: 20 ( 2 sets of 10)
Sit ups: 10 ( with pauses in between)
Leg Lifts: 10
plank: A dismal 20 seconds

Not the best pictures ever but I had to use Rachel to help me. These look like my 5-6 month pregnant photos with her.

The group so far me @pinkhairgirl @AshTordiffe @ehdreyer @momallot @AkAMrsC @paddatjie_se_ma @Tazzamom @mlinki @ShazRich7

But anyone is welcome to join the club, you just have to be a mom ( as our stomachs have done things others have not had to and we start at a bit of a disadvantage)
If you add your blog link below in the link box then we can keep track of how everyone is doing. Then I thought we can update every 2 or 3 weeks. I am not sure much is going to happen before then.

12 thoughts on “6 pack challenge – starting point

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  2. I think it’s great how you all are getting involved in training for a six pack challenge. Just remember, that one can do as much training as you want to get the six pack but if your diet is not right, you will not achieve to see any muscle definition in your abdominal area.

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