My Dad

My dad has just had a triple heart by pass. This was never a sentence that I thought I would ever type. My dad is thin, he wears the same size trousers as when he got married 40 years ago. He is a non smoker, does not drink, eats well, walked everyday until recently when the dog died, but is active.

He phoned to tell me about having some chest pain when lifting a box at a conference. He went to his friend and the Dr he was in private practice with before he moved to the university, they picked up some abnormality on the stress ECG. He had an angiogram and we were expecting him just to need a stent but it was a huge shock that he had 3 major blockages and needed open heart surgery.

The only good things was that he had the op on Wednesday and I flew up to Jhb on Thursday with Carle to help at her yarn stall so I was able to see him. He is fine and home now and recovering. He was lucky in that he never had a heart ache and so there was no damage.

But when anyone you love has major surgery like that one has a small part of you that imagines the worst. There was a fleeting moment of panic in which I thought that there is no part of my reality that includes my dad not being here.

My parents are such a major part of my life. It is hard to imagine a time without them and certainly not now. 63 is just too young, I need my dad for a lot longer. While I know he can’t live forever like the Highlander, I am not actually ready to face the reality of life without him

I phone my parents for advice on everything, my dad is so wise, he knows about everything. We talk about his work as a Doctor and his training and interest in how people learn. He is always finding ways to touch people’s lives and so many who have met him comment about what an amazing person he his. He is a quiet gentle man with a huge presents. I am planning to make the most of every moment with him.

And to take more photos of him, I could only find this one from my sisters wedding. It is a lovely photo – thanks Catherine from Cazpix

What is your dad like?

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  1. So glad he’s doing well, Sally. It’s a scary operation, but it sounds like he’s making a brilliant recovery and will no doubt be around for many, many more years to come 🙂

  2. So glad your dad is ok now. Such an op and related problems can be such shock.

    My dad had a back op and nearly died as he started bleeding and they couldn’t find the problem. 3.5 years later he died from prostate cancer – brought on by stress from family traumas, 5 weeks before he would have turned 70.

    Now 5 years later I miss him so much and now wish so many times I could talk to him about Life, new interests, history. He never saw Joshua, Simeon can’t remember him.

    Treasure what you have, it’s such a special relationship you have with him.

    And the dog, the big, BIG one? In my minds eye I can still see it “vacuuming” the floors underneath the little ones chairs

  3. Im sorry to hear about your dad but glad he is well. I know how frightening the news can be.

    I lost my mom when I was 22 and she was 47. Recently my dad passed at 59. Both too young. A week before my mom passed I was telling someone how I can’t imagine losing her. That it would be too devastating. It was all that.

    Enjoy every minute. Those memories will come in handy one day 🙂

  4. Thank you every one

    Esther I don’t think there is ever an age that we are prepared to lose our parents. I hope to have many memories and treasure the times.
    ( Stanley, the big dog, yes it was very sad when he died, he was so part of the family)

    Michelle: thanks for sharing, I agree, way too young. I guess at times like that we cope because we have to rather than because we want to.

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