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Rachel is a cub now

When I was young, girls went to Brownies and Guide and boys went to cubs and Scouts. In fact my ex’s sister and I knew each other through Brownies and Guides when we were growing up, and even though her brother and I did not work out, we were friends before and have remained friends now.

But now things are all inclusive and so girls can go to cubs. Rachel’s 2 good friends Thomas and Oliver go to cubs and so naturally she wanted to go too. She tried it out a few times and then we very happy to learn that her Dad and my Dad did cubs.

There are not many girls but it suits Rachel and what I love about cubs is that it gives her the interaction across a wide age groups. She learns to work in a team and as an individual. I think more than school it is a positive group and social interaction for a home school kid.

Here are some pictures, she was so nervous but she said her law and promise all by herself.

Her sixer and friend Thomas taking her up to the Akela

Look at her little nervous face

A small smile

Saying her cub promise and doing her salute

Getting her new cub scarf and pack colours

The many badges that I have to sew onto her uniform, best she get her sewing badge soon so she can do this.

Being introduced to the pack afterwards as the newest member

Her brother had the sulks and I can’t even remember why, but here he is in his rainbow colour jersey and hat and long hair – he wont let me cut it at the moment

It was very sweet and I hope she really enjoys it. The only problem I had was that although cubs is all inclusive now of race, gender and religion, it makes not allowance for those with no religion. So she still had to make a promise to God and her country. She thought it was a bit odd but we chatted about it and she knows other people believe other things. So it was fine. But still felt a bit odd helping her learn it and somehow a bit dishonest I guess but there was no non religious version.

6 thoughts on “Rachel is a cub now

  1. How cool. I bet she is going to LOVE cubs.
    I was also conflicted about the ‘God’ thing, but the Scout movement started as an ostensibly Christian association. They have become very mellow about it and there is no overt, or covert indoctrination on the subject and they are very inclusive, but they do have a quick prayer at the end of the meetings. We ate atheist, but don’t actually mind it at all. To me ‘prayer’ time is a time for each person to reflect personally in whcih ever way they wish and in accordance with their own beliefs.

  2. Jane I just explained that people all believe different things. It is really rather a non issue to her.

    Kelli: Grumpypants is hilarious, he is such a character

    Blackhuff: do you think so? I used to have beautiful strawberry blonde hair like her when I was young.

    Lovely: The 2 leaders are female and really lovely. Here is another girl and she takes care of Rachel

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