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I want to drive fast cars

I was  in Joburg for 4 days last week. I went up to help Carle run her yarn stall at the International Quilters Convention ( yes there really is something like that) I am not a quilter but it was fascinating to see how huge the following is. Some use yarn in their designs but there were a lot of knitters too. What does this have to do with driving fast cars I hear you ask?

Well a good friend of ours let us use her car for the 4 days. She said it was her run around car but it was the fanciest car I have ever driven. It was a Peugeot 607. I am not a big car person usually and they can all start looking the same to me hence not usually being fascinated.  This is a picture of what I think it looked like

It was an automatic, it has been about 10 years since I last drove a, much crummier, automatic when I worked in London. It was the Doctor on Call car, that I used when my car was broken. It no where near as fancy as this, in fact it was on the other end of the fancy scale, it just had a simple thingy to put it in Drive and Park etc (see I don’t even know what these car parts are called, is it still a gear lever in an automatic?). So when we got into this car I was a bit nervous the gear/drive/control stick thingy looked different from the one I had used before. This would not have been a problem if I had a few minutes to gather my nerves and then work out how to drive this thing in my own time, but we had to follow our friend straight away as she had arranged to get her sister to take her back to work but they would show us the way to the B&B first. So it was get in an go.

There was much laughing and swearing and hilarity as we tried to work out what to do with the stick thing that looked like a key slot. Me desperately trying to remember when you use N, and if you can just stay in D, and if it is possible to stall an automatic. All of this while trying hard not to send us flying through the windscreen when braking too hard on the sensitive brakes or slamming my foot into the empty space where the clutch should be and try to ‘change gear’ with the fancy key slot thingy in the middle of driving along.

The hilarity was made funnier by the fact that Carle’s passanger seat chair was horrizontal when we got in so she was lying down next to me trying to work out how her posh seat worked, while I flapped and panicked about how to drive this big car, and keep up with the car I was following, and panic about if it was possible to stall an automatic or if I would just be the first person in living history to do so.

Now all of this does not sound like a post made by someone who wants to drive fast cars. See I am not the usual confident petrol head. I like to be driven and I don’t usually make a fuss of cars, BUT who knew when you had an open stretch of road on a Sunday morning that it is so much fun to drive a smooth quiet comfortable car? They don’t tell you this on car shows, they blather on about car-ish type mumbo jumbo. It was not my car and my friend was so kind to lend it to me, that I never drove it as fast as I wanted to, I was very good. Her kindness meant we could get around and also that I could go see my Dad in Pretoria who just had a triple heart by pass the day before we landed, so I was not about to abuse that. But now I want to drive nice cars fast!

They turn their lights on a off for you, the beep when you reverse, they just seems to automatically do things that are awesome and left me going ‘oh wow’ a lot when it locked the door automatically, ‘oh it does automatic temperature control’, ‘hee hee the boot closes itself it you push a little button’ ( yes I was easily amused and like a kid in a candy store)

Whoo hoo it is such a cool feeling, yes I know I don’t get out much as a mom of 3, so maybe this is just my thrill seeking, but it was awesome. I don’t care about the car blather stuff, I just want to drive for fun and see how different cars feel. It is like having short love affairs but it is totally okay to try out as many as you like. Maybe I am a car slut.

I can now, due to my extensive 4 day practice, do the automatic thing, but I really want to try fast manual cars. I seem to be a control freak when I drive – again who knew. Look if they had to be automatic I am not going to moan. But it must be fun to change gear too.

Okay so that is the end of my little dream, A pink hair mom who knows nothing about cars is hardly the one people are going to ask to try out their fancy new model of car. But this is going on my bucket list – Drive lots of fast cars!

Do you like cars? What is the best car you ever drove?


One thought on “I want to drive fast cars

  1. My BIL and family went on holiday with our kombi. He left us his Subaru Forester Premium. Now that is a fast car. I loved driving it, I felt so good in that car. Only problem was that Nadia got car sick in that specific car. Luckily all 3 times she got sick it was only in her car seat.
    I would love to drive it again.

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