Bra shopping – what is your story?

I dread going bra shopping. I think part of the problem for me, is all the years before my boob op, when bra shopping was so humiliating and soul destroying. I can remember sitting in a changing room cubicle, silently sobbing with tears streaming down my face, feeling like a freak. Nothing fitted, I did not for all intense and purposes have any boobs, but being bra-less was also not an option. Comments like “smuggling smarties” or just wanting to wear a white top meant I had to wear something. I usually settled for wearing strappy tops underneath my clothes and gave up on bras, but I felt like less of a woman, like I did not quite make the grade. I have dealt with a lot of these emotions and was blessed to be loved for who I am and learnt that my attractiveness is not proportional to my cup size.

Now with boobs, bra shopping should be easier, but still I dread it. Finding the right size seems like guess work and after being measured at 2 different shops after the new boobs, and getting size differences from 32A to 36C. I mean really, I did not spend a LOT of money still to be an A! And depending on the make and style sometimes the 36C fits and sometimes not.

Now of course my world is dominated by feeding bras, which are truly the sexiest things ever. But Titus is almost weaned and I know I need to go face those cubicles and rows of innocent looking bras on plastic hangers. But behind the facade of a fabric item of clothing, this little garment can make or break a woman’s fragile body image and self esteem. Standing in a cubicle with full body mirrors all around you and needing to be next to naked just to try the bras on, can be difficult for women who have body image issues. Add to this struggling to find a bra that fits and the whole experience is awful.

Apparently 99.973% of us wear the wrong bra size. Okay I made those statistics up, you never guessed hey πŸ˜‰ I am sure I could Google the exact statistics, but most of it is made up or depends on the sample group. But it is usually 60 to 70% that is quoted. That is a lot of woman in the wrong bra. There are enough woman that look like their boobs are being dissected into 4, shoulders have painful marks where their bra straps cut in, bras that ride up at the back or boobs that fall out at the side to know woman are getting it wrong. These examples of ill fitting bras we have all seen and perhaps experienced.

The other end of the spectum to me and my small boobs is anyone who dares to have bigger than DD. Trying find bras for larger boobs can be just as traumatic. My younger sister, please note when you have boob issues and your sister younger than you by 5 years starts buy bras bigger than you, it is another time you feel betrayed by your body. My sister got my share and her share and I know while I spend years being green with envy she struggles to find bras that fit comfortably as a woman with more than the shop deems average.

This has motivated her to see if she can make a difference and what cab be done about the horror of bra shopping. She has a short 10 question questionnaire if the ladies would be so kind as to fill it in for her. (here is the link to copy and paste if that one does not work you can also email Sarah any comments and experiences that you might not want to share in the comments below

If you feel comfortable sharing about your bra shopping experience please comment below about your usual experience good or bad when bra shopping.

Thanks for your time, I hope she finds an answer to help make bra shopping easier and a more pleasant experience


10 thoughts on “Bra shopping – what is your story?

  1. I’m a C cup and I as much as I love my boobs, I HATE bra shopping. I’m not a fan of underwires but I still like the padding which makes things difficult too.

    I also never know what’s going to fit or what’s not. As you said, it’s soul destroying. Ugh.

    I’ve done your sisters survey, just fyi. πŸ™‚

  2. After I weaned Faith my boobs went even smaller than they were before I fell pregnant with her.

    When the lady at Woolies needed to measure me, she started from behind me and when I turned around so she could read the measurement her exact words were ‘EISH!’

    Ja, not the best day of my life.

    p.s. I measured a 32AA πŸ™ And I cannot wait to buy myself an upgrade πŸ˜‰

  3. Nightmare times 12. I’m on the other scale where sexy bra’s does not exist, the 40’s and up and D and up. Hate it. And no, I dont want another woman to measure me, rather try on 5 pairs, go back, search and find 5 more to try on.

    And please can we have ones without underwire – that cuts into the flesh and I have seen women with sores where those wires scratch.

    I think I will buy more feading bra’s rather than underwire even if those days are over. :((

  4. I love bra shopping, I only buy Wonderbra or Playtex and in both I am a size 36B and they always fit perfectly. πŸ™‚

  5. Arrgh! Crying in the bra shop. I burst into tears in my mid twenties in the middle of John Lewis after having been measured and finding that once again my boobs were bigger (it seemed like they were never going to stop) – they had gone up to an E or F. Went up to a JJ whilst pregnant and breastfeeding – and then whilst breastfeeding they started getting smaller – well back to an F anyway. Though finding nursing bras is completely demoralising – but at least whilst breastfeeding I found that I really didn’t care any more. Just wondering about taking those steps back into wearing proper bras.

  6. I’m another one that was small, and after breastfeeding I’m even smaller. Every day when I get dressed I wished they were bigger πŸ™

    And I’ve also got a sister with breasts that are too big, so she would love to have smaller breasts. It would’ve been so much easier if we could share.

  7. Bras are the bane of my existence. i HATE that they’re necessary! Luckily for me i managed to find 4 (yes, FOUR) bras that fit me perfectly last time i went shopping. i fully intend to buy 4 more of them on payday

  8. I’m a 38DD and nothing in the normal shops seems to fit :(. I just head straight for Storm in a G Cup in Claremont (there’s also one in Durbanville). They measure you and suggest the best bras for your build. Leave it to the professionals. But I also find that bras sizes tend to differ, sometimes the 40C will fit. I think it’s just the make and the “cut” of the bra. Usually only the expensive (R500+) imported bras fit me, but I’m ok with that. It’s an investment. Also, they have awesome pretty lacey bras in all sizes up to GG!

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