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Wedding Dress – I need your opinion please

I love my dress I found for our Pinky and The Geek wedding. It is not traditional at all, but I think it makes my boobs look good.  After spending so much on them, it is, in some very vain way important to me. We are not religious or doing a religious service so I don’t need to worry about modesty. But seriously while my boobs looks look good, I don’t think the dress is too revealing.  But ask Carlè, Carlise or Andre they have seen it on.

I have this overwhelming desire to show The Geek. He is not that keen, but he wanted to know a bit about it so the outfits he gets for himself and his brothers are in keeping.

So my question:

Did your husband see your dress before?
Did you like the surprise or value his involvement?

Did you see the dress before?
What way do you prefer, should it be a surprise?

Or am I over thinking this and placing more value on a dress than a man will ever attribute. And really they don’t care that much?

Oh and what do you think of a first look before the service, so he sees you without the need to keep emotions in check in front of the masses? Or again do I ascribe female emotions to guys, and really they are not capible of the same excitement over how you look?

Please be honest here folks, this is one if you read it please give your 2c


16 thoughts on “Wedding Dress – I need your opinion please

  1. oh i SO SO SO badly wanted to show Peter my dress before, and have his opinion on it!! But he wanted it to be a surprise…

    in the end, I guess I’m glad I kept it a surprise from him – and the first time he saw it was during our First Look Photos 🙂 … here’s a pic of me sneaking up behind him before he saw me http://www.alanameyer.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/tanya-15.jpg … i actually loved that he was so nervous, as it’s not like him at all! It was really really sweet.

    I say keep it a secret! 😀

  2. I love the first look idea. I’ve seen some photos taken of the groom as he gets his first look before the ceremony and often the groom is very emotional which is not something you generally see otherwise. I think its lovely to be able to have that moment with your groom.

  3. Mine saw on the day, as I was walking down the aisle. 🙂 He did know the colour beforehand though as his vestie was the same colour because he didn’t want to wear a suit jacket.

    He didn’t keep his emotions/appreciation in check in front of the masses lol, they hooted because he stood there grinning like crazy and then he started blushing (first time ever as well lol). It was awesome, I felt so beautiful because his reaction was so honest and happy.

    And now I am sitting here tearing up…darn hormones lol.

  4. We both want the dress to be a surprise. I didn’t expect myself to be traditional in that way but I love the idea that it;ll be a complete surprise on the day. I keep on wanting to tell him about though!
    I say keep it a surprise 🙂

  5. My husband helped choose the material (which was *very* useful) and he was around while I was getting ready and dressed. We didn’t do a First Look photo, but we did our photos before we joined the masses (photos are here: https://plus.google.com/photos/116559267618448943486/albums/5729437459855753969?authkey=CKrJ8PeR_JS7vAE). We didn’t separate the ceremony from the reception, so the only time to do the photos was beforehand.

    For us, the wedding wasn’t a big deal, change in status kind of thing. It was more of a slight shift, so I really liked that we were there together, getting ready together – it really made me feel that that day was symbolic of our union, rather than the beginning of it.

  6. My hubby did not want to see it before hand and saw it first time as I walked in the isle. He later told me that he will never forget the moment.

    All that being said, I did ask him to page through some bridal mags with me and give comments. I did change what I wanted, but only in terms of colour. I wanted the off white top with grey beading adn a grey skirt as I was really a much older bride. But he really did not like the dresses with coloured skirts – so I changed that only. And I am glad I did because it was beautiful

  7. I’m going to go with Andrea on this one. But think in my case it’s very much a personality thing, don’t keep people separated for the sake of tradition… can’t think of anything worse personally.

    But really, more a case of what makes you happy. Traditions are meant to be broken. You might as well have your day in your style.

  8. Tanya: I love your pictures, he looks so nervous
    Alida: I also love the first look idea
    Starstryder: nothing like weddings to get women all emotional 😉
    Tara: I am finding it so hard this time
    Andrea and Robert: I totally love the idea of getting ready together. We are breaking with tradition in a lot of ways, we will be getting ready in the same place and then the first look and then we are going to arrive and walk in together.

  9. Well, since Dion and I eloped…..it was very different. We asked our friends Jason and Cindy to be our witnesses so they were also the only guests for dinner with us that evening.

    Dion pretty much did and paid for everything….we went to buy wedding bands together – it was very exciting. We had often spoken of marrying on top of the Drakensberg, Dion contacted Champagne Sports which is one of our favourite places to stay in the Drakensberg, and they assisted with finding a minister to marry us in the chapel 3 days later pn a public holiday, 24 September.

    They also put him in touch with the helicopter pilot. We only did the legal bits in the chapel and we made our vows alone, once the helicopter dropped us on the Little Berg. It was beautiful and special. We cried lots.

    Dion chose and bought my dress. I ordered a few cup cakes from Angel which we had in the Chapel with Appeltiser shared with Cindy and Jason. I bought special underwear, Dion’s wedding band and my flowers – thats it.

    Dion arranged a beautiful arrangement of flowers, chocolates and body products with champagne for us to enjoy later.

    Our witnesses stayed the night and then we were alone for a couple days in the mountains. It was so so nice….then we came home to face the music.

    Photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.448243846274.242509.636486274&type=3&l=3875c79114

    • Don’t worry nothing happened Wenchy it was just me being too busy to get to my computer again until now. Running after the 3 little ones means hardly a moment to breath. Thanks for the comment

  10. My Glugs was involved in all aspects of planning our wedding EXCEPT my dress. It was the one thing that remained a secret- even from my bridesmaids- until it was finished and we went to collect it.
    I just loved the look on his face the first time he saw me in it!

  11. I can’t really comment here because I did not have a wedding but if I did have one, I would love to keep the dress a secret from hubby till the wedding day but on the other hand, now that I know my hubby so much better, I would love his input on the dress as well.

  12. I showed mine a picture, but he didn’t get to see the dress till the day. It helped though that he was out of the country before our wedding, because I think I would have shown it to him. We had some photos taken before the cermony, and it just helped with the nerves so much. I vote for keep it a secret.

  13. When you live with someone, there are few secrets/surprises left between you. I found it to be fun to have a little suspense. He saw me before the ceremony in my dress, and the pictures of his expression are very dear to me.

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