Pinky’s Bucket List

You are lying on your death bed close to whatever you think happens after, and you have a moment to look back and reflect. Everyone wishes they had done more.

Bucket lists are often largely a list of places to visit, and yes there are some truly beautiful places here on Earth. But what about things that would make you die knowing you were true to the person you wanted to be. Eventually places visited are just a list of places. What about lives you have touched and people you have loved?

I have been thinking about a bucket list recently. I had the strange thought one day while reading about a friend sheering sheep, that this was something that I should do before I died. It should be a bucket list item. So for the last few weeks I have been thinking what else I wanted to do.

I did the blog meme 99 awhile ago and there are no more that I can cross off. So many bucket lists seem to be about places to visit, but what about things to challenge ourselves with closer to home? And those that build our character.

So these are a few the things I want to do before I kick the bucket:

– shear a sheep
– milk a cow
– smoke a cigar ( yes yes I know that will pushing The Geek to stop this seems hypocritical but it does seem like something you should do once)
– write a book (I know this is on a lot of lists and I may never actually get around to doing it because I don’t want to write it just for the sake of writing it. As of yet I am not sure what to write about so I am just going to wait. A wise person I am privileged to know recently said “sometimes, waiting is like wasting, just letting the world pass you by. But not always. Sometimes, it’s like catching your breath, and admiring the view, and giving inspiration a moment to catch you”
– design a knitting pattern that I love
– There are hundreds of places that I could list, all the beautiful places in the world I want to see, enter them all here. There are no place I really don’t want to go so I am not going to clog up my list with places to visit. One day I hope that we will take the kids and go live abroad for a while and then tour around. The only way to learn about Italian art is to go see it, and world history is more meaningful if we go to the places, so yes I want to travel everywhere. But this is a life goal as I go along there will be chance to visit new places.
– Do something that truly terrifies me, I have not decided what this is but I think we need to move out of our comfort zones regularly.
– Teach some one to knit that needs a skill and could change a life.
– Learn to spin and weave
– Dye my hair rainbow coloured
– Take a photo with my camera off automatic and that I am proud of – bump Andre
– Hosts a big band 20’s party
– Do an advanced driving course – this might also be able to be ticked off as something that terrifies me
– Get my 2nd tattoo
– Run comrades again, like one time was not insane enough
– Own a farm/small holding and be self sufficient
– Read hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
– Knit a cardigan in 4ply – this is a big undertaking for someone with the attention span of a small flea.
– Have a good relationship with my kids, if I can get to the end and say I had a good relationship with them then I will have done well
– Go to a F1 race with The Geek
– Donate blood regularly again
– Help people to tell their story
– Own a nice car
– Live completely debt free
– Make a crazy mosaic mural for the front walk
– crochet all the star wars characters for Caleb
– dye some yarn
– teach my kids to read
– make butter
– go out for dinner and have pudding for all 3 courses

I will add to this list and visit it to cross things off as I go along.

Write your own list and then add your link here so we can keep track of who is doing what and get some ideas fuel our own lists and push our own boundaries.

3 thoughts on “Pinky’s Bucket List

  1. oh yay, now I just have to come to that side of the country. When are they sheared? Will someone help me?
    My sister lives in Northern Durbs, are you close to that?

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