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I blogged Dear skin I am 35 not 15 a while ago, bemoaning still getting pimples at 35 which seems just unfair. I have done my time, the bad skin fairies can go visit someone else now.

Leigh-Ann from Tranquil Body Treats saw my plight and kindly sent me some of her skin range to try and see if it would help. I don’t know about you but getting parcels in the post makes me as excited as my kids on their birthdays. There are very few moments of feeling spoilt in our busy world and getting a nice parcel in the post seems like a little reprieve from the chaos of the day, even if just for a moment.

It was all packaged beautifully but I am afraid I was too impatient to wait and photograph that, I had to open and see what I got. Wow Leigh-Ann really spoilt me. These are my goodies. (I am not a photographer by any means, which is seems one needs to be now a days as a blogger – but that is another topic for another day.)

I have oily skin. And I am not sure why it feels yucky even typing that, as though in admitting my skin is anything other than normal I am not quite meeting the required standard. Oh well if being in my 30s has taught me anything, it is to moving on and not making issues about stuff that should not be.

What I love about Leigh-Ann’s range is that she understands that what oily skin needs is moisture and not to be stripped and left as dry as the gobi desert. Her milk cleanser glides nicely across your skin and there is not rough rubbing and scrubbing. Skin prone to acne needs to be treated very gently and does not like to be rubbed and scrubbed at all.

I don’t know what magic is in the moisturizer but you take a little on your finger tips and it almost melts into your skin as your apply it to your face, and not in a oily layer that sit on top all day but in a good way that just seems to take moisture right in where it is needed.

The mask and exfoliator as just as nice, gentle and well thought out. Leigh-Ann really knows her stuff when it comes to skin care.

The whole range smells just amazing, one of the nicest skin care range smells I have ever used. I love that Leigh-Ann comes from a beauty therapist background and combines this with aromatherapy and a focus on natural ingredient. No baddies in these products. Which is great for the environmental conscious like me.

And to make a good thing better, this is a local range, supporting small business and job creation here in South Africa.

A huge thumbs up from me for the Tranquil Body Treats Oily Skin Range. Thanks Leigh-Ann for letting me try these. Whatever you skin type is I recommend trying Tranquil Body Treats your will not be disappointed.

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