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Winner drawn by Random Picker on Line is Carle – well done

Today I have a very exciting giveaway. I blogged a few days ago about Titus and his potty training.
Well Zoe from Baby Throne has ofter one of her wonderful potty training systems for one lucky reader to win. They retail in the shop at R999 and on her website for R899 including deliveries. This is a really fantastic prize I have loved using our Baby Throne. It is really comfortable for Titus and is so cleverly designed that even little boys can’t pee over the top which is a problem with most other potties.

How to enter:
– Comment here below to enter by answering the following question “From what age can you use the Baby Throne?”
For extra entries ( you need to let me know here if you have done the extra entries so when I enter them in the draw I enter your name the right number of times)
– Like the Baby Throne FaceBook page and come leave a comment here that you have liked it
– Tweet ” Win a Baby Throne toilet training system worth R999 @BabyThrone @pinkhairgirl”
and come and tell me here that you have tweeted, one tweet per person per day is allowed.

-The competition will close on Friday 29 June 2012 midnight South African Time
– Names are randomly drawn using Random Picker on line
– The prize excludes postage and any registration or insurance of the parcel
– Entries from both South African and abroad are welcome but please check the postage costs if you are entering from outside South Africa as this will be for your expense.
– Entrance must be 18 or older

From now until wednesday 4 July you can order a Baby Throne for R699 excluding postage as a promotional offer through PinkHairGirl Blog. These usually retail for R999 in the shops. You will see that I have made sure that after the competition ends, you get enough time to order one if you did not win.
Contact Zoe to make use of this Blog Special and say that you saw the special offer here.

About Baby Throne

Baby Throne; toilet training system for babies 4 months+!

• Age 4 months+ or start whenever you like!
• Max size limit 20kg
• Save R6500 (60%) on nappies before age of 2
• Patented and endorsed by paediatricians
• Baby feels comfortable, safe and secure in a soft foam
• Gentle progression (beginner, intermediate to advanced) progression onto the toilet.
• Designed for little boy’s too!
• Baby fully supported in correct squat position
• Ideal for babies transitioning from liquid to solids
• Helps prevent constipation
• Save time, money and be green!
• Ideal as baby shower gift.

As a brief introduction: The Baby Throne is a toilet training system suitable for babies of 4 months and older. There is a 60% decrease in nappies used; we have proven a saving of R6500 before the age of 2 for just one child! It is made from soft recyclable foam saving time, money and the environment. I have attached a one pager detailing what is unique about the Baby Throne.

• This is a new invention. Invented, patented and manufactured in Cape Town.
• Award winning; namely Baba Indaba Certificate of Excellence, Green awards and a finalist in the Mail and Guardian’s Greening the Future.
• Endorsed by paediatricians and supported by the South African DTI
• Market segment: That is career orientated women (LSM 7 to 12) – perhaps as a direct result of this market being more educated and understanding the physiological benefits or simply understanding the environmental need to be ‘green’. Or perhaps it is simply about what is best for baby!
• Baby Throne has also proven to be a favourite Baby Shower present: something new, unique, best for baby, green, saving time and money. A lot of grandparents buy – they know from experience it is NOT necessary to wait until baby is in their toddler years to start toilet training! (40 years ago we were toilet trained by 18 months; 5 years ago Huggies saw their market go from under 3’s to now, in the USA, the under 5s!)
• Manufacturing costs are high as this is still a new product– it is a simple economies of scale in manufacturing this product. Costs drop substantially as the word gets out and production demand increases.
• Further information on the website ( and a video that proves the product – it is titled ‘funny’ and worth a watch even if for just a giggle.
• Test run at Toys R Us in Canal Walk – retail price R999 – sold out in record time. Website price R899 including postage.
• Between USA, SA and the UK we use 148 million nappies/diapers a day. Using the Baby Throne we can reduce this number by half. Imagine saving 74 million nappie/diapers a day in just these 3 countries?
• Presently looking for distributors to manage retail outlets

Note: For those who do not have children: toilet training generally starts at the earliest at 2 years old. 40 years ago we were trained at 18 months. Huggies have seen their market go from the under 3’s 5 years ago to now the under 5 year olds! Nappy mountains are a world-wide environmental issue. It has been reported a disposable nappy/diaper can take between 200-500 years to degrade. Washing toweling nappies are not much better – they pollute our seas.

‘Kinder and healthier for baby AND leaves mum with more free time’

What is unique about the Baby Throne, and how does it differ from the products already on the market?

Interest in the award-winning Baby Throne stems not only from the fact that parents are now able to toilet train their babies, but also from the fact that the Baby Throne is environmentally and baby friendly. Parents no longer need to wait until their child is a toddler before beginning the toilet-training process. Toilet training using the Baby Throne is kinder and healthier for babies. The Baby Throne has not only been endorsed by the South African Department of Trade and Industry, but has also been endorsed by baby clinics and paediatricians. Additional benefits include more free time for mum and a proven 60% reduction in nappy/diaper usage, resulting in substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.

The unique Baby Throne is a medically-endorsed, comfortable toilet-training aid for babies as young as 4 months old. It differs from other toilet-training devices on the market in that it can be used with much younger babies. The Baby Throne fully supports the baby, or toddler, from all sides in soft, warm foam. The ergonomically designed Baby Throne has received endorsements from paediatricians and an internationally recognized paediatric surgeon. Doctors especially recommend use of the Baby Throne with babies when making the transition from a liquid to a solid diet (at approximately 6 months of age).

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for babies or toddlers to soil their nappies, especially with number 2s. In fact, it is possible for babies as young as 4 months old to start using the Baby Throne as long as they can hold up their heads unaided. The Baby Throne must not be confused with the baby chairs on the market, which hold the baby in a seated position. The Baby Throne is a toilet-training system, which supports the baby in an optimal ‘squat’ position, holding the baby in a natural position for emptying the bowels. This unique toilet-training aid helps to prevent the constipation issues suffered by many babies.

The Baby Throne has 3 different positions (stages) that gently guide the child towards using the toilet; this transition has been proven to be effective in getting toddlers onto the toilet without frightening them. The uniquely shaped aperture in the seat of the Baby Throne has been designed to allow the baby to use their Baby Throne until they reach 20kgs (approx. aged 4). The longest period of time that the baby or toddler should spend in the Baby Throne is 10 minutes.

The Baby Throne manufacturers are the first manufacturers in Africa to use an environmentally-friendly production technique. The Baby Throne is a South African product, manufactured in Cape Town. It is fully compliant with the strictest international safety and environmental protection standards. The Baby Throne design is protected by international patents.

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