Happy Hog – I found bacon!

Quite by accident I have found a wonderful supplier of free range pork. The Geek had a job in Bonnievale and he was driving past Ashton. There he found Happy Hog Free Range Pork Farm, he got some pork directly from their butchery for us to try.

Wow the difference is incredible! I have never been a huge fan of pork sausages. But these were wonderful they do not shrink when you cook them and they are delishious. The bacon is amazing and again does not shrivel to nothing like shop bacon/pork with all the extra water and fillers that they use. The Apple and pork patties are a favourite ammoungst the kids and are really fillng. I can’t eat more than one and I am stuffed.

The best part is that they deliver to Cape Town and surroundings. The courier is R90 for less than 5kg and R120 for less than 50Kg. Over 50kgs is 2.25 per kg. A friend and I split the delivery fee and got our next lot of pork delivered. Again I am impressed.I found if you buy directly that the meat is not more expensive than the shop pork even for free range.

They have their own butcher and the pork is by far the best I have ever tasted. So now I no longer have to feel bad about having pork.

If you read the horrors of sow stalls, intensive pig farming and the cruelty that normally happens on commercial pork farms it is easy to make the switch to more ethical meat. Our country is taking 10 years to phase sow stalls out, but this is not good enough for me now. I am not going to risk supporting this cruel practice

Pictures from their website of happy pigs rather a stark contrast to the life of commercial pigs.
Now I must stop speaking about bacon and yummy pork as it is meat free Monday and we are having spinach quiche sans bacon.

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