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A hairy question

Ladies: could you stop shaving? To help save the planet and to claim back the right to be feminine as we are and not as society and media says we have to?

Men: could you date, bed, wed a woman who did not shave?

The problem with starting an eco sustainable challenge is that you have to start looking at areas of your life which you did not really want to come under the eco spot light. The process of getting rid of body hair is not that kind on the environment

A little google research taught me that women shaving gained popularity during WW1 when all the men were away and the sales of razors fell, so they started marketing them to women! So many things motivated by money.I knew it was a marketing and media ploy but did not realize the exact origins.

Of course now it is a society norm and we just expect it, we are lead to believe that it is gross to be hairy and that men will find us repulsive. I wonder if this is the case? The Geek seems to have mixed feelings. He is not complaining about my winter leg hair and to be honest I have still been shaving my underarm hair.

It seems like it is not just us ordinary everyday ladies who are questioning if society should dictate how we look but some celbs have decided to be hairy too Julia Roberts in 1999, and more recently Mo’Nique

Whether I can keep up this fuzz in summer, I am not sure, but I guess even 4-6 months of the year cutting down on shaving has to be good. The biggest thing that people can do is to use a reusable razors and just buy blade and not throw away the whole razor. Apparently in the US 2 billion ( and who knew there was a debate about how many zero’s in a billion has 9 or 12 – the things google teaches me) disposable razors are thrown away each year. That sounds like a lot to me. I realize in SA the number is not as high but we have to be more mindful of what we throw away.

There are even more eco friendly razor but they seem to be marketed mostly at men. I have no idea if women can use them wihout a blood bath.

The old barber’s straight razor or cut throat

Saftey Razor

The kind of shaving cream we use also needs to be examined as the normal stuff available in the shop is not that great for the planet. A list from normal shaving cream
But have you seen what’s in canned shaving cream? Here’s an example list of ingredients from a well known brand:

Palmitic Acid
Stearic Acid
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium benzoate
Lauryl alcohol
Stearyl alcohol
Irish moss
Dimethicone PEG/PPG-20/23 benzoate
DMDM Hydantoin
PPG-1-PEG-9 Lauryl Glycol ether
PEG-40 Hydrogenated castor oil
Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate

That is quite some list! Many of those ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are particularly bad for the aquatic environment. More info here on EcoMall

There are other options and I have seen eco shaving cream and gel on line but don’t know too much about what is available in South Africa. I usually use soap in the shower but realize that for guys this is not an option.

And men we are not forgetting you. Here is a who article about using a saftey blade and Learning to shave like your grandpa

Could I go completely hairy, embrace my inner true woman? I am not sure.
Could you?
Men what do you think?

17 thoughts on “A hairy question

  1. Fluffy and proud. No razors in this house for 4 years. One not tested on animals snuck in for our wedding 4 years ago and I cannot remember prior to that.
    I feel good fluffy and clearly havw a mate 😉

  2. I can, and have dated a woman who didn’t shave at all. She was my first really serious girlfriend (we were together for 4 years during my university days), and she was a second generation Polish immigrant. In Eastern European culture women don’t shave- the image just doesn’t exist in that culture that “shaved” = “sexy”.

    Despite growing up here, she hated shaving or waxing and did so only very rarely, when she particularly wanted to wear a mini-skirt (in a country where doing so with hairy legs would draw frowns) but the majority of the time all her natural body hair was in their full glory – it stopped bothering me very fast. In fact, I came to rather enjoy the sensation of soft hair mingling with mind and running over my skin during intimate moments…

  3. I must make a confession: I hardly ever shave these days. To be honest, I shave about 4 times a year – and it has been like this for about 4-5 years.

    I am generally lucky in that I only really have leg hair around my ankles, and I am not really much of a dress wearer. I shave my pits about once a month, when things get really itchy.
    I never use shaving cream, but I do, on occassion, rather use a product like Veet to remove the hair on my legs and bikini area.

    The husband doesn’t really like pit hair, but hasn’t complained about my hairy legs ever. Do a search for Amanda Palmer and her pit hair – there are some interesting articles written about her, and other celebs, tossing the razor.

  4. I think it comes down to a perceived masculine look about hairy legs on a woman. It’s the only part of the body that being hairy would bother me on a woman. I’ve not ever dated a woman with hairy legs but I have seen one when I was younger. It really shows how programmed we are and how put off I was by it.

  5. Hmmmm…. I must be honest I don’t shave much in winter any way. My skin hates being shaved and since my legs are covered most of the time I couldn’t be bothered. As far as I know my significant others haven’t been too worried about it (despite me being a gross hairy brunette!!)

    That said: My dad uses a face wash product called “Radiant C Scrub” which is a Herbalife product. He swears by it and says he never gets ingrown hairs and that his razors last much longer now that he has stopped using regular shaving cream. and if he runs out of face wash? He uses the Herbalife shampoo!! Hehe. It’s all supposed to be very eco friendly and I know it’s not tested on animals (very important to me) so that’s worth a shot if the men want to give it a try. Kind of cool that it doubles as face wash and a shaving gel.

  6. LOL! the stuff you come up with Pinky!

    urgh no i dont know if i can do it. i dont use shaving cream, but i do use blades that gets tossed in a landfill somewhere… maybe the old fashioned barber razor is the way to go?

    nothing like my smooth legs rubbing up the husbands hairy legs.

  7. nope, haven’t shaved for over 10 years and used to wax before that. Iam not overly hairy though. Apart from the environmental impact I believe that we have hair for a reason

  8. I won’t be able to do it. I like the smooth feeling after I have shaved. This is something I won’t do. I like to shave, I dislike the way it looks if I don’t shave.

  9. Never. Specially not able to go without shaving under my arms – I start getting itchy on day 3. Legs – If they’re going to be exposed, they need to be shaved!
    I’m not hard on razors though – use the same one for months b4 I need a new one so I figure it’s ok … 🙂

  10. NO WAY!!! There is no way I can go without shaving. I shave my armpits every day and my legs every day or every other day. My bikini area also gets kept neat and tidy. I love the silky feeling and will not be able to cope without my razor.

  11. I have been waxing for years now, however I still shave my pits about once or twice a week. Dururing summer I wax every 3 weeks, winter once every 6 weeks. I have very little body hair so it is no problem to let it grow. Waxing is not a pain so there isn’t an incentive to give it up. Might as well continue. A

  12. Mmmm…I’m actually not very hairy so I don’t shave my legs anyway. I go for a leg wax maybe twice a year. I do a monthly wax for underarm hair and sometimes there isn’t enough hair to wax anyway so I end up going every 6 weeks. I could probably stop with the waxing in winter. Not doing it in summer is not an option for underarms though.

  13. I have to have shaved arm pits. I find that I am more smelly if I dont shave them even if I use deodorant.
    As for the legs, I shave in summer, especially if I am wearing a skirt or shorts. In Winter I shave every 2 months or so, I have very light hair so it doesnt bother me and Paul has never complained.
    Im also very light on razors and only replace my blades ever 4 or 5 months 🙂

  14. Must be honest, I either shave with Tranquil Body Treats shaving mousse or I wax – all of my body. Except the hair on my head. LOL

    I don’t like feeling hairy. I like my husband hairy however.

  15. My boyfriend travels for work & has shared his secret….conditioner! He never brings shaving cream when travelling, just uses hotel conditioner! So, thought I’d share a non-shaving cream option 🙂

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