Caleb turned 5 last Friday. He is such a sweet child with his own way of looking at the world.

I thought it was a good time to write down all the things that he says that I might otherwise forget.

Caleb Funny’s

The one night while Rachel was away he was doing a show for us after supper with his toy Lion. He had the Lion balanced on a chair. The Lion fell off and without skipping a beat Caleb grabbed the Lion turned to us and said “Don’t try this at home” I am not sure where he heard that ( maybe the science show at the Cape Town Science Centre) but it was so perfectly in context and said so seriously it was hilarious.

The one day I was working at the computer on the dinning room table, we was talking to me from the school and I could not hear properly so I said that if he wanted to talk he need to come to where I was. He spoke for a while and then started babbling stuff about dinosaurs (his favourite) while walking around and around the table. I told him I would love to hear all about what he had to say, but that I needed to get some work done so we could go out. As soon as I was done he could have my undivided attention again. He wonders off to the school room and starts talking again. I scolded him about not talking to me from across the house. He was totally indignant and replied. ” I am not talking to YOU, I am talking to the bacteria!” ( his sister told him there was bacteria on everything.

I am not religious and so I realize some might find this less funny. We were driving along the road and he asked who planted the thorn trees along the middle island.
Me: I am not sure, maybe the road people.
Caleb: Maybe it was god.
Me: I did not think so.
Caleb: what does god do?
me: I did not think he did anything.
Caleb: well then what is he for?
Me: I don’t think he is for anything
Caleb: Maybe he is for decoration

The Song of your life
This is not really a Caleb Funny but it shows how his mind works. He was in the car one day and he told me very seriously that I must find the Song of my Life. He said that it is inside and that you must sing it. He then sang a little song so softly and faintly in the pure innocent child voice. It was too soft for me to hear but it was beautiful and you could hear it was from his heart.

He mentions it often, he tells me he was born to sing the song of his life. At first it worried him that he could not always rememeber the exact words that he sang before but now he is fine if it changes.

My friend Carle gave him the book Heartsongs by Mattie JT Stepanek for his birthday.

Mattie is the youngest of four children, each of whom inherited a rare and fatal neuromuscular disease called Dysautonomic Mitochondrial Myopathy. His mother, Jeni, did not know she carried the gene. She was diagnosed as an adult, after all four of the children were born. Mattie’s siblings — Katie, Stevie, and Jamie — all died before age four. Being the youngest, Mattie lived longer as more and more was learned about the rare condition. In addition to causing muscle weakness, the condition interrupts autonomic (automatic) body systems and functions, such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and the processing of oxygen. Like his siblings, Mattie needed a wheelchair, ventilator, oxygen, monitors, medicines and spent a significant amount of time living in Pediatric Intensive Care Units. When Mattie was four, his mom began using a wheelchair for mobility, and years later, she also began relying on a ventilator to support breathing.

His poems are very cute and very powerful for a child, some really bring a tear to the eye. There is one called Heartsong that is like Caleb’s song, it comes from inside you. Caleb was fascinated that another child also knew that your song of your life/heart was inside you and that you had to find it.


I have a song, deep in my heart,
and only I can hear it.
If I close my eyes and sit very still
it is so easy to listen to my song
When my eyes are open
and I am so busy and moving and busy,
if I take time and listen very hard,
I can still hear my heartsong.
It makes me feel happy.
Happier than ever.
Happier than everywhere,
and everything and everyone in the world.
Happy like thinking about
Going to Heaven when I die.
My heartsong goes like this-
I love you! I love you!
How happy can you be!
How happy can you make this whole world be!
And sometimes it’s other
Tunes and words, too.
But it always sings the same special song.
But do you know what?
All people have a special song
Inside their hearts!
Everyone in the whole world has a special heartsong.
If you believe in magical, musical hearts.
And if you believe you can be happy
Then you, too, will hear your song.

-Mattie J. Stepanek

Mattie died at age 14 I think, he watch his 3 siblings die. I wonder how a mother copes losing all 4 kids?

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