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Tutorial: Alternative Cable Cast on


This is a fantastic cast on for a knitted item that starts with a 1X1 rib.
The rib stitch then runs all the way from the cast on up the work. It is a little fiddly to get right in the beginning but well worth it. Be sure for hats and other items where a bit of stretch is required not to cast on too tightly. If you usually have a tight tension, consider going up a needle size.

Here is my Titus with his big blue eyes modeling his new Owl and The Pussy cat hat that I designed. You can see the rib extends right down to the cast on edge with this method.( I am quite excited the pattern goes out for test knitting tonight) Yay for my first real pattern

Start with a slip knot

Insert needle as if to knit

Yarn around needle

pull through

pull the yarn through with the right needle



Slip new stitch onto left hand needle. ( Leg of the stich that was in front on the right hand needle is on the back of left hand needle)



These form your first 2 stitches, the slip knot is the first purl and the new stitch is the first knit stitch.


Next is a purl stitch: Insert needle purl-wise behind the legs of the previous stitch

Yarn around needle as if to purl

Slip needle to back keeping yarn on right needle


Slip stitch onto the left handle needle again the front leg goes onto back of the left needle

You have now completed the 3rd stitch the purl cast on, you will repeat this stitch every alternative stitch

For the knit stitch this time you do not go through the stich like the first knit, this time you insert your needle knit-wise behind both legs of the previous stitch.

wrap the yarn around the needle

pull yarn through

Continue with these 2 stitches for the required number of stitches
It can be helpful use a stitch marker every 10 stitches to mark progress

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. It can be a bit fiddly to get this right in the beginning but for a rib edge it really is the neatest cast on. cameronsallyjane (at) gmail.com

Download as a PDF hereAlternative Cable Cast on Tutorial

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