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I have blogged about my heavy periods I love being a woman and I feel cheated and the different options for birth control before.

I have what is called Menorrhagia which is very heavy periods, I went to see the GP last year and we spoke about the options, she suggested the Mirena. I was not keen as I had not really liked it last time but it was before I had kids and the cramping and spotting I had then are much better than what I get now. Some people get weight gain and mood changes ( but you can take it out and reverse these, the other options are more permanent)

The other options were

Partial hysterectomy ( leave the ovaries) – but this is not ideal as my GP said not many Doctors talk about the function the uterus seems to play in orgasm. I am 35 and so I am not really wanting to give that up just yet. People also complain of weight gain and mood changes

Uterine Ablasion: They basically either heat or freeze the uterine wall to prevent it building up, it leaves the uterus in but is supposed to help control periods. I thought this sounded like a good idea along with tying my tubes. It is dangerous to fall pregnant after an ablation as there is no uterus lining so you might get an ectopic pregnancy or the start of a pregnancy that then needs to be removed. But having read more about this some women have terrible terrible side effects, mostly crippling pain due to the lining growing underneath the scar layer but not being able to be shed. Weight gain and mood changes were also common Here are some womens bad experiences, enough to put me off.

I can’t take the pill due to migraines and having a high risk of stroke, when I took it I got facial and arm paralysis.
Condoms suck

So this brings me back to the Mirena. It seems like the uterus plays a big role in mood and weight, whatever we do it often seems to result in weight gain and mood changes. But at least the Mirena is reversible and it is will help control my heavy bleeding and act as contraception. I know I do not want more kids

Now to find if the medical aid will cover it.

Oh no I was looking for a picture of a Mirena just to make the post look all pretty, I know how much you love a pretty picture and look how it brightest up a word only post 😉 but then I came across this! Mirena Side Effects

Now I am really confused. Maybe I should just tie my tubes and live with heavy periods.

Anyone else used the Mirena?
What has your experience been like?
Anyone tried any of the other options?

23 thoughts on “Mirena??

  1. I had the Mirena put in last November.
    Best decision I ever made.
    I have no periods, at all! No cramping, no pain, nothing.
    My moods havent really changed at all and the slight (very slight) weight gain has been manageable with watching what I eat, which I never really did before.
    I did ‘feel’ the Mirena for a few months while it settled into place but it wasnt that bad.
    It has not effected my sex life/libido at all.
    I think each and every form of contraception has pros and cons and I think different women experience each type differently. I think the side effects page you found is an example of the worst case scenarios and that for each of those worst cases there are thousands of women who have never had a single issue.
    Also, like you said, Mirena is not permanent. If you do have a bad reaction you can have it removed.
    Oh, my medical aid (Discovery) covers the Mirena, they all should, I think its become a standard thing.

  2. I have the Mirena. I got in last year for heavy bleeding and periods that came every 2 weeks, for 5-7 days. No contraceptive helped. So the doctor suggested the Mirena. I got it but after 9 months, I still bled for every 2 weeks. So I gone back and then the doctor said that there is a possibility that the Mirena is faulty. So we got another one (fully paid by the company who produce it) and now my periods are totally gone. I do not gain weight with it. Like the doctor says, with any contraceptive one can’t gain weight with it, it’s what the person puts in their mouth and that it true. I read through the Side Effects like you posted.
    You need to remember that with anything, there is side effects. Even the pill have side effects if you read the inside pamphlet. Even the 3 month depo injection have side effects (blood clotting, heart attacks etc.)
    Good luck with your decision.

  3. With regard to heavy periods, I have found that “when” I exercise really hard in the week before, the bleeding is much lighter. Co-incidence?
    As for contraception … send your man for a snip … best decision we ever made 😉

    • Jacs The Geek is very willing to go. I am reluctant one. I have 3 kids and am 35, I don’t want anymore kids. But if something had to happen to me and he found another maybe younger woman the chances are that he would want to have more kids.

      Starstryder: kill 2 birds with 1 stone sounds like a good idea to me 😉

      Gina, Blackhuff: I realize that nothing is without risks and that the side effects are the worse case scenario. I just have to see what I am willing to live with. It is a lot of money if it does not work. But at least it can be reversed.

  4. After this wee one is born I will be getting Tubal Ligation (tubes tied) while I am open for the c-section. I looked at various other options as well and it seemed the more sane option for me.

    My OB said that my periods would return more to what I experienced as a teenager. I have very heavy ones too and I must admit that if it goes back to what I experienced as a teen it will be a blessing. But of course it is a permanent solution and if you want another little one not really feasible.

    A close friend had the Mirena for five years before having it removed. She never suffered headaches or mood swings but felt that she just felt “off” most of the time. Never could pin point what or why but once it was out she started feeling better.

    Although I agree with Gina, every one reacts differently to every form of contraception. An option we considered was a vasectomy for hubby but he researched it and was very uncomfortable with the idea.

    To each their own lol, I will bite the bullet since it can be done at the same time as the c-section.

  5. I got the Mirena 3 years ago. I had spotting for 2 days, after that I had normal periods but very very light. For the last 2 years I haven’t had a period. I love it.

    To add, I had very heavy periods with crippling pain before I had children.

  6. Hey Hon.
    I got the mirena late last year and apart from some initial cramping, I am very happy. I used to have very heavy periods. Only every 6 weeks and they lasted for two weeks. The injection didn’t work and I cannot take the pill either. I have gained some weight (although I take responsibility for some of that) and have noticed that it is harder to get rid of that weight than it normally is for me. The first three/four months I spotted constantly. But since then I have had no real period (although I’m sure I still have hormonal ups and downs at certain times of the cycle) and I have been very happy with it. It’s nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about falling pregnant for the next five years. Email me if you want to chat more.

  7. My doc convinced me of the Mirena after my second child, and reading about it it sounded wonderful. And the percentage of women with side effects seemed very low. Well, stupid me used my credit card to pay for it, seeing that in the long run I would save money. I kept on being in pain after it, and my migraines were worse, but everyone assured me after a few months it would get better. It didn’t. I also have zero sex drive since I got it.

    About 3 months after I got it I started having a period and after 2 months of having a week long period, 1 day of no period, and then back to a week of period I went back to the gynae. He did a scan and the Mirena moved. I ‘should’ still not get pregnant. He gave me some meds that might possibly make the bleeding better, but I could only take it if I stopped breastfeeding, which I don’t want to do. So, a few months down the line, and I still have it, can’t afford to have it taken out, and I have almost non stop bleeding. And I’m not believing their low side effects figures anymore, because I’ve spoken to a lot of people that has major side effects.

  8. I am on my 3rd Mirena now and have been going for 9+ years. I LOVE IT!

    No periods, very little PMS, no real issues at all.

    I LOVE IT!

    I can’t easily take the pill as I am very sensitive to hormones. They gave me migraines, ‘morning sickness’, and made me SO moody. None of that with the Mirena.

    Before kids I used to have terrible cramps, clots, heavy bleeding pain, nausea, and diarrhoea and cramping every month. It was bad.

    I LOVE IT!

    They are not cheap, but seriously the convenience is way worth it, and you don’t have to buy sanitary products so it pays for itself over time.

  9. I cannot use the regular pill due to high stroke risk and my gynae suggested progesterone only injection or pill. Pill lasts 24hours so must be taken every day, injection last 2 or 3 months.
    (I think its worth trying any tablet/injection/mirena before surgery and you can always stop them immediately if they don’t agree with you)

  10. LOL, Pink! If the Geek is consenting, why not!
    I know, it doesn’t solve YOUR problem, but it does make life much more fun. We’re in our prime, after all …

    • Jacs I guess I just worry about the ‘what-ifs’ and then worry that he will regret it. Our prime would certainly be added by if the baby would start letting his parents get some sleep. Nothing like tiredness to kill the mood. Seems like one or the other is asleep early.

  11. If the mirena is like the loop then I’ve had one or at least something similar. I had some cramping and it showed up on xrays but other than that it worked just fine…although I’ve heard it’s not always effective if you’ve already had children.

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  13. My doc has told me that I can not uise the Mirena and gave me several reasons – I googled and yes, every one is true. DUe to my hormonal make up I run a risk of pregnancy and I will have an even worse skin. Yes, the Mirena is not great if you have problem skin. SO I am goign to go for the ablation – you get just as many Mirena prblems as you get with ablations, but I do think for me it is the best option. My cousin had one and I think Fairy girl too and both are totally happy

    • Good luck Cat I hope it helps you. I many women are fine afterwards I am just worried that the ablation is not reversible and if I was one of the unlucky ones with side effects the only solution is hysterectomy

  14. When I went for my annual plumbing visit earlier this year I also complained about heave periods and my gynea also suggested getting a Mirena.
    In that same time I went on a detox and stopped drinking my single cup of coffee I cherished every morning and the problem is gone. Bizarre.

  15. I have a somewhat unique problem with mine. I got mine almost 2 years ago, right after #2 was born. It didn’t stay where Doctor put it though, it shifted into some scar tissue and got stuck there.

    This basically means two things. First, it’s not effective birth control. It might be, or might not be and conception with the device in my uterus would likely fail. Either way, I was advised by my doctor not to count on it for birth control. Second, I can’t have it removed in the office. I would have to go into hospital under g.a. to have it taken out.

    I haven’t had it taken out yet because I’m still breastfeeding. I suppose it can stay in there for another 3 years before I have to worry about having it out, but i hate having to use other birth control.

  16. Hey pinky I hav the mirena in +-2 years problem is couple months ago I exp bad stomache cramps settled after 2 days also normaly I get period 29th of every mnth then feb cycle changed nw its jus slight spot and 4 days before last date evry mnth earlier this mnth I exp pain wit sex and bleeding after went to see dr at tokai medi cross dr rinki she tried to remove it bt lo nd behold no strings so at present I’m battling to find a gynae who cn fit me in nd who take medical aid I’m so stressd

  17. Since I last commented on this post, I’ve been doing some thinking. I retract my comments. Although I’m generally happy, I have done some research and see that the average weight gain for women is 7kgs. I’ve put on 9, and while I usually am able to shed weight VERY quickly, I have not been able to shift this weight this time. I even joined Sleek Geek and despite gumming every day and dieting, I lost only 2 kgs over 9 weeks. It’s actually made me quite depressed, I’ve never been this heavy before. From 58 kgs in August last year to 72 now 🙁

    I couldn’t figure it out, until I started thinking more about this debate. I’m now considering having it removed as I am just not happy, and diet and exercise is not helping.

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