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I have blogged about my heavy periods I love being a woman and I feel cheated and the different options for birth control before.

I have what is called Menorrhagia which is very heavy periods, I went to see the GP last year and we spoke about the options, she suggested the Mirena. I was not keen as I had not really liked it last time but it was before I had kids and the cramping and spotting I had then are much better than what I get now. Some people get weight gain and mood changes ( but you can take it out and reverse these, the other options are more permanent)

The other options were

Partial hysterectomy ( leave the ovaries) – but this is not ideal as my GP said not many Doctors talk about the function the uterus seems to play in orgasm. I am 35 and so I am not really wanting to give that up just yet. People also complain of weight gain and mood changes

Uterine Ablasion: They basically either heat or freeze the uterine wall to prevent it building up, it leaves the uterus in but is supposed to help control periods. I thought this sounded like a good idea along with tying my tubes. It is dangerous to fall pregnant after an ablation as there is no uterus lining so you might get an ectopic pregnancy or the start of a pregnancy that then needs to be removed. But having read more about this some women have terrible terrible side effects, mostly crippling pain due to the lining growing underneath the scar layer but not being able to be shed. Weight gain and mood changes were also common Here are some womens bad experiences, enough to put me off.

I can’t take the pill due to migraines and having a high risk of stroke, when I took it I got facial and arm paralysis.
Condoms suck

So this brings me back to the Mirena. It seems like the uterus plays a big role in mood and weight, whatever we do it often seems to result in weight gain and mood changes. But at least the Mirena is reversible and it is will help control my heavy bleeding and act as contraception. I know I do not want more kids

Now to find if the medical aid will cover it.

Oh no I was looking for a picture of a Mirena just to make the post look all pretty, I know how much you love a pretty picture and look how it brightest up a word only post 😉 but then I came across this! Mirena Side Effects

Now I am really confused. Maybe I should just tie my tubes and live with heavy periods.

Anyone else used the Mirena?
What has your experience been like?
Anyone tried any of the other options?