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All is well

Caleb was an absolute star on Friday, he was brave and did not make a fuss at all for his needle biopsy. It was quite funny to watch him all spaced out with the sedative they gave him. My awesome GP managed to get the results for me the same day and it showed a reactive gland, in other words and infection and no cancer! Yay A huge thank you to Carle who let us going to the farm after the hospital to wait for the results. I would have been much more stressed alone.

What great news to get before the day before my birthday. I must admit that when he came to climb into bed with me Saturday to wish me happy birthday I gave him an extra long hug.What a great 35 birthday present.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend, it was spend with family and friends. The boys woke me up with presents in the morning, we then did some shopping, baked caked and got the snoek braai ready. Yme’s family came over, our friend Andre (and his nice car) and my friend Carle and her family and we just chatted and laughed and relaxed it was lovely.

I spoke to Rachel on skype and she was having a good time at her Dad for the weekend visit. I am glad it went well and they went to a lot of effort to make it nice for her. I just hope that it does not open a lot of old wounds for Rachel. She has come to accept a certain level of non involvement from her dad but they were always close so I wonder if seeing him again and having a nice time will make her sad and miss him more again. Maybe seeing her will be motivation for him to come and visit them ( one can always hope)

Sunday we did a bit of gardening and then went to watch F1 at The Green Barn. We have been trying to decide where to get married and for budget reasons we were going to do it at home but we decided to ask on the off hand that it might not be as expensive as ‘proper’ commercial wedding venue. It is a barn, rustic and has a huge play area. They do great pizza and so we can have pizza and then bring any other food we like. They have a bar so the drinks are sorted. There is a hall with a fire place and a lovely outside section where we can do the service. The kids area is fantastic, with jumping castle, huge wooden climbing frame, trampoline. We have kids and a lot of the people coming to the wedding, especially those coming from far away will have their kids. It feel odd to try exclude them as we are a family. So this play area makes it perfect.

I am really excited, by the time we fixed the garden, hired the extra tables, chairs, plates, glassware etc and thought about a jumping castle etc for home we would be spending more so I am very happy and it is still very much in keeping with our style. It is 5 minutes from home and we can decorate it in much the same way with a backyard diy crafty feel as we would have done at home.

All in all a great weekend, how was your weekend?

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    • Thanks Blackhuff and I’msonotablogger I am so relieved. It is funny no matter how small the chance is it is still horrible to think it i even a possibility

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