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Seeing as I am after all a chicken farmer according to my dad, I thought it was hight time you all got another exciting installment into the life and times of Pinky’s chickens.

If you remember we have the 2 fat while chickens and we had done the chicken surgery on fat Potter and managed to keep her going for another few weeks. One day I came home and noticed fresh blood on her and when we looked her neck skin was off almost right around her neck, you could just about peel her head. Very gross. Rachel always gets cross at the mention on us needing to get rid of any of the chickens. Last time Potter got hurt and we were not sure if we would fix it, she said things like “I will be so mad with Pappa if he kills Potter” and that time we managed to save her. But this time I knew we could not. I did not want her blaming me or The Geek so I made her come and look at the wound. She is squeamish and hates blood, yes this is my child who wants to be a wild life vet – I am thinking a career choice change is due in her future. She could see for herself that the wound was bad and so she was actually okay with us culling her as she was suffering.

Look away if you are squeamish. So poor Potter had to go, she weighed close on 7kg when we had weighed her a few days before. My domestic was only to delighted to come take her. I did say to the kids that this was the last chicken that someone else was eating, I knew they were fond of Potter so would not eat her but from now on we eat the birds we cull.

With Potter gone we were down to 7. But the babies are no longer babies and the “don’t name the chickens in case we eat them” did not last. The girls are girls and so useful as they will lay eggs, we have had a few small little eggs already so they are nearly at point of lay. I let Rachel and Caleb name one each. Caleb called his Paddy and Rachel called hers Jewel.

This is Paddy Caleb’s new chicken. A Koekkoek chicken almost at point of lay

This is Jewel on her naming day

And this is Knight the Rooster. He has really become a handsome bird, but he now crows loudly in the mornings. I have spoken to most of the neighbours and they are fine with him. I bribe them with eggs. But he wakes me and this is not cool. I am also worried about the neighbours further a field. So we decided to cull him, The Geek was going to do it but we would go to the farm for Carle’s husband and house keeper to help as he had never done this before. I had arranged it all and then I chickened out. He is just too pretty and I don’t think it is bad having a Rooster he is not agressive and it might help to have our own fertilized eggs if any of the hens go broody. I have solved the crowing problem but making The Geek catch him every night and put him in a box and then he is allowed to come out after 8am in the morning. After which he does about half an hour of crowing and then he is quiet for the day.

I am not sure how long we can keep him as The Geek is getting fed up of chasing him around the garden but we will see.

Will Knight live to see another day? Stay tuned for more from Pinky’s chickens

Nail biting

I was reading a story to Caleb last night and I noticed that he had his hands in his mouth a lot. He had been doing to for a few days. I finally got to have a look at his hands which I should have done earlier, but I have the never quite valid enough excuse, of being busy and distracted. I noticed that he had chewed all his nails off, the one finger he had even started chewing the skin.

I nearly burst into tears. I have never biten my nails and have never had siblings or kids do it before and I have this preconceived idea that it a manifestation of stress and worry. That sometimes kids don’t even know that things bother them but they do and they show in things like nail bitting.

So I need some help here. Am I right? Is it a sign of something going on or were they just annoying him. He said that I had not cut them and he was worried they would get too long. He knows I always cut them and if I might have forgotten he could just come and tell me that they are a bit long and I would cut them.

My heart bleeds that he might even subconsciously be worried about the appointment tomorrow. Poor thing. I have been very calm but will be glad to have the appointment and be on the way to finding out what it is.

Did you bite your nails?
Do your kids bite their nails?
Should I be worried or am I over reacting?