Manic Panic Giveaway colours

Gabbi from Anonamiss Beauty Emporium emailed me the most amazing pictures of the Giveaway dyes on real people. These colours are awesome. Look at that Yellow it is fabulous!

Remember you don’t need to be as bold as to do a whole head of hair, highlights or doing the bottom half of your hair so that the roots are not such an issue is also possible.

Draw is on Friday at midday or as close as I can, so hurry and don’t miss the chance to brighten your world

20 thoughts on “Manic Panic Giveaway colours

  1. I would be a bad person to win this as I would never use it, but I love that blue. If I had a smidgen of daring in me (which i dont lol), that would be my colour.

  2. Wow the blue is stunning! My hair is black so I cant colour it, would have to bleach the crap out of it first. Had bottom half done purple long ago and it ruined my hair so bad I had to chop off 15cm, but it looked so pretty :/

  3. Absolutely stunning ! So vibrant ! Streaks of pink would definetly make anyones hair so bright and daring just love it !

  4. I love the Yellow but the green is my favourite! But I would NEVER put any dye in my hair. I never have! I don’t have the balls to colour my very very long hair! Nothing wrong with my colour as I see it- but I have no objection to others colouring their hair!

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