Manic Panic Giveaway colours

Gabbi from Anonamiss Beauty Emporium emailed me the most amazing pictures of the Giveaway dyes on real people. These colours are awesome. Look at that Yellow it is fabulous!

Remember you don’t need to be as bold as to do a whole head of hair, highlights or doing the bottom half of your hair so that the roots are not such an issue is also possible.

Draw is on Friday at midday or as close as I can, so hurry and don’t miss the chance to brighten your world

Tutorial How to make a Cinnamon candle

I came across a picture for a cinnamon candle on Pintrest that linked to Martha steward but I made mine slightly differently. Here is what I did.

– Candle
– Cinnamon sticks – make sure you have enough to go around the whole candle. I got some from the health shop, the whole bag was about R16
– Glue gun
– Pencil
– small hand saw

You need to mark and cut the cinnamon sticks to the same level as the top of your candle. Martha suggested using gardening sheers to cut them but I found that this crushed the sticks and left untidy edges. The Geek suggested a small saw and this worked much better. While sawing you get such a lovely smell of fresh cinnamon it is like being in a bakery

Then glue gun the sticks to the candle. I first put the glue on the sticks as I was afraid of melting the candle more than necessary but it actually works better to put the glue on the candle and then attach to the candle. I found that the candle did not actually melt much at all.

Clean up the glue stringy bits, add a bow and viola you are done.

Give it a try