Pinky’s wedding hair vote – have your say!

Come vote! Join in the fun and decide the fate of Pinky’s hair
I promised yesterday that I would give you all the vote as to what Pinky’s wedding hair will be. I have collected ideas and pictures and will share them here with you and then add the poll on the bottom in which you can all vote.

There are quite a few people that have said I should go my natural colour, to be honest this is the option that scares me the most. I used to have gorgeous strawberry blonde hair like Rachel, with natural blonde, copper, brown and red highlights it was a colour that people pay a lot for at the hairdresser, and yet highlights can never look as good as natural ones. But sadly red is a colour that fades very quickly as you grow older. Soon I was left with mousey brown hair and started adding blonde hairdresser highlights when I was about 19. My hair has not been 100% natural since then and I am not sure I really like that colour anyway. Many ladies have highlights and colour at their wedding, it does not make them any less of who they are.

A few comments made me wonder if people misunderstand my pink hair. I don’t have pink hair to hide behind and I am no less Sally-Jane for having pink hair in fact I think I am more me. Yes pink hair is a bit outrageous, but I makes me smile when I look in the mirror. It reminds me to be true to myself and follow my dreams and my heart. I was very sad, for a very long time, when I was married before. I think I lost such a big part of the fun, loving person that I am. I am now happier and more relaxed in the person I am than I ever was before. So why does natural scare me, well maybe it feels like I will fade and loose my true identity again. I will add the natural option because people have asked but please don’t vote for it only because you think it make me more myself, if anything I think it makes me less me.

Another quick word, My hair is bright pink at the moment and has been for 3 years, I can not get the pink out without damaging my hair. The options are: I can grow it out or dye colours over that will blend or make different shades. My hair grows fast but not that fast. I am not sure that some of these might not be possible purely due to the time frame.

Option 1: Pink and blonde
I love this one. I think it would be soft and beautiful for the wedding and still enough pink to be Pinky. I just worry about having enough time to grow it out.

Option 2: Light pink
I could probably get my hair to this length by the wedding – maybe and then it could all be light pink

Option 3: Light Pink with colour streaks

Option 4: Shades of Pink
The other light pink option is to go from light pink on top and fade down the the darker pink, then my hair could be longer as I would not have to cut out the darker section that is dyed now. So this picture but in reverse

I love this one too but the tones and shades of pink might depend how much and how long it has grown out

Option 5: Shades of pink down to purple/blue
I want to keep some pink but the idea of a few other colours is cool too. I like this picture but imagine the top starting in light pink and then down to my pink at the moment and then purple and then blue

Option 6: Rainbow
Pink, light pink and purple on top and yellow, green, red, blue, orange and green underneath

Option 7: Pinky as she is now

Option 8: My natural colour with blonde highlights, I refuse to be mousy brown