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Pink Hair Journey

I realized that this month I will have had pink hair for 3 years. Time really has flown by. I thought I would do a quick picture walk through the pink hair journey to date. Life with pink hair is certainly less than ordinary, I once watched a lady walk into a pillar because she was staring at me so much, but it also quickly becomes ‘normal’ when you have had it for so long, I don’t even notice people looking at me any more.

It all started with some pink streaks

This was not enough so next it was blond highlights in my normal hair and pink streaks. My pink day shows all the photos

I loved it like this but it was both expensive and time consuming to do as all the foil highlights had to be done twice, once for the blonde and then again for the pink.

Next came just bleaching all the hair and going totally pink all over but still going to the hairdresser for her to do it for me. I blogged about Becoming Pink I used to love going to the hairdresser and having my pink done for me. It was a great break and some real me time.

Now I just do my it myself and by that I mean with a little help. No, I did not SAY that The Geek helps me, but we all know it is a little hard to dye the back and top of your own head. Here is my DIY hair dye Tutorial

I did have a short affair with purple when I was first pregnant and did not want to bleach my hair but it did not last so long on unbleached hair and I actually like the pink. Pink Hair dilemma solved

Recently I thought I might like to have rainbow hair for the wedding and started to grow the pink out but I am not so sure.

Tomorrow I am going to put some pictures up of the hair colours I thought of and I am going to bravely open a vote and let my readers decide the fate of my hair for the wedding. Be sure to come cast your vote tomorrow and leave any ideas in the comments today of colours and styles you would like to see. I am thinking of lighter pink, or 2 tone or maybe even the rainbow still. Let me know your ideas. Bear in mind that the wedding dress is an old gold sort of colour
What do you think I should do with my hair for the wedding?

11 thoughts on “Pink Hair Journey

  1. Thank you so much for this! I’ve bookmarked – and it’ll really help with my blue hair. I think you should definitely go rainbow. I’d do it myself if I thought I could manage it, but it’s very hard. I hope to do it at least for a bit one day.

  2. The purple and pink together looks really cool and I think you would ROCK that rainbow. I still comes down to what you’re comfortable with though. Maybe a trial run of the rainbow a couple of months before the wedding and if you’re not sure then go back to pink?

    I’ll be sure to vote tomorrow. šŸ™‚

    • There have been some suggestions on twitter for my natural colour. Eeek that is the most scary not sure I can include that one as an option

  3. Just not sure about rainbow hair…, would have to see some pictures of what you have in mind.
    But I love the full-on pink of the 3rd pic! šŸ™‚

    But Bodo says rainbow as SA is the ‘rainbow nation’ (yes, he’s so literal!)

  4. The choice is always yours whether the votes are in or not.
    My suggestion: your natural color.
    Why? Because looking at the first picture in this post, you looked more “soft” that way.

  5. oh Pinky, definitely that gorgeous two tone picture that is on Pinterest…the pale blond with the baby pink…it will be soft and beautiful!

  6. The natural colour with the pink streaks is still the most beautiful. It brings a softness to your face without being just ‘plain’, you look so content in that pic!

  7. THough i do agree that i do like your natural hair colour it suits your skin tone beautifully, maybe you can do like i do – have two tones .. i have my natural dark chocolate on top and electric blue under and it peeks out .. maybe you can do that with your chosen colours?

    this is what mine looks like (plus you dont have the BIG hassle of the roots out growing too quickly.


  8. i think you should go blonde for the wedding, tint your eyebrows a bit darker, and your blue eyes will really stand out and it’ll look beautiful.

    Don’t like the purple/pink combination at all. 100% pink looks really nice.

    Ask yourself, when you look back at the wedding photos, would you wanna see total pink hair coz that is who you are, or another version of you.

    I like my blonde suggestion coz you have pretty blue eyes but it’s up to you. You’d have to get a good colourist to choose the shade of blonde that suits your skin tone.

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