International Bereaved Mothers Day

My friend Sam send me a link on FaceBook to International Bereaved Mothers Day. It was started in 2010 and falls on the first Sunday in May every year. Visit Carly Marie Project Heal for more info.

My heart and my thoughts are with all my friends and readers who have experienced infant or pregnancy loss. The quote on Carly Marie’s blog really resonated with me “The Bereaved Mother has experienced the unimaginable and yet she is still able to walk

You walk because other kids need you to keep going, you walk because the world only acknowledges your pain for a short time and then it keep turning. Sometimes you fall when the pain in too much, but then you get up and you walk again, because you are a woman and because you are strong and beautiful.

Sam lost her little boy last year and I blogged about sending her a hug from far away The world keeps going and these amazing woman keep walking but sometimes they need to know we understand that while on the surface things might look okay, inside they bear a pain we can not even imagine.

My Dearest Sam I hope the shawl hug helps on days like that.
Wish I was closer
Love Pinky

Have you suffered a pregnancy or infant loss?
What helped you keeping walking?

4 thoughts on “International Bereaved Mothers Day

  1. I lost my only pregnancy and haven’t been since. It was in 2009 and there’s not a day that I don’t think about it. I’m not over it still but its not a reason not to get up and brush your teeth. The most difficult of all is that people don’t get your pain and their words are a poor attempt to comfort you, such as “its for the best” etc.

    • Charmaine there are no words. People feel uncomfortable with pain, they don’t know what to say, so they say stuff to make themselves feel better. I am sorry for your loss. It is okay to be not okay some of the time. I hope you have friends or someone who understands to talk to.

  2. I lost my first pregnancy – a little girl – and the loss was immense then. Women that understood did not always talk about it and I felt alone. I had two boys after that and for me I realised that I did not fully understand what I lost then (the first child), but now I would understand more. I now miss her more because I have the boys and would love to have had a little girl.
    But to loose an infant or child to death would be much more painful…

  3. I came across this entry whilst perusing your fabulous blog at midnight. ;). Of course I still feel your hug, the shawl is on a special table with his ashes, my belly cast and a few other really special “Joaquim” things in my meditation room, and I connect with you everyday through it! Thank you for understanding! As the time goes on it seems like the world has forgotten, but the pain is no less real! I appreciate your words and frienship so much Sally!

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