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Pound cake

I have heard of a pound cake but to be honest have not really taken much notice or thought much about it until the other day, when we were watching Good Eats which is a program about the history and science of food. The host Alton Brown is funny and geeky so My Geek and I really quite enjoyed watching it. The episode I saw was about a pound cake which is traditionally made with 1 pound sugar, 1 pound eggs, 1 pound flour and 1 pound of eggs.

There are other variations now which call themselves pound cakes and then have other measurements which in my mind make them another kind of cake but not a pound cake.

He showed how to make the perfect pound cake and the science behind it. So of course I just had to give it a try. I have done a lot of baking but never a pound cake.


1 Pound Unsalted Butter ( suggested to use better European butter so I used Danish butter)
1 Pound white sugar
1 Pound eggs ( about 9 or 10!! yes and insane amount of eggs but somehow it works, it took me 3 days days to get enough eggs from my hens)

1 Pound cake flour
(pinch of salt and tsp of vanilla essence does add to the flavour)

I used my old fashioned weighing scales and the pound weight, it made the whole process of baking this old recipe more authentic, but I drew the line at mixing it all by hand.

Cream, room temperature, butter with the sugar for 4-5 minutes on medium speed
Add Salt and vanilla
Add eggs one at a time while mixing
Divide the flour in 3 and add one third at a time and mix until well combined
Pour into a well greased and floured ring tin or 2 loaf tins
Bake at 180 Celsius for about an hour, check after an hour as it is a dense cake so might need more time.

Allow to cool for a while then turn out onto a wire rack and cool completely.


2 cups icing sugar in a bowl with 3-4 Tablespoons of Lemon juice
Spoon over cool cake and let it drizzle down the sides.

The cake is is firm but moist and not leaden and heavy as feared when making a cake with a pound of eggs. It was all round a good cake experiment. I think this would make a great cake for making kids birthday cakes as it is firm and could be iced and moulded and would hold its shape well. I will make a pound cake again.

Give it a try.

Dear Skin I am 35 not 15

Pimples might be part of what you have to endure as a teenager, and while it is not fun, it is almost bearable when all your contemporaries are as spotty as you are and bad skin is par for the course.

But roll on 34 years 11 months and 4 days, and well, the bad skin problem is getting old. Wrinkles and pimples are not things that I thought I would be combating at the same time. I thought I would have packed away the teen skin products and moved swiftly to the anti wrinkle creams with not too much over lap between the two, but alas this is not the case.

The fact is that if life was fair, I really should have been able to leave pimples behind after high school, or at the very least been able to wave them good bye by the time I got the plonk on the head and accepted my degree after university. The normal amount of time that one expects to be plagued by pimples, spots, zits, blackheads, chorbs. I am sure that there are many more gross names for them, and please feel free to share them with me in the comments, but I am grossing myself out now already with that list. If you could have a webcam shot of my face you would see my up turned nose and grimace at even having to type the word chorb! It was one I hated from school, it is just so repulsive in its entirety. Certainly not a word I thought would feature in my life in any way shape of form at almost 35.

But enough moaning, I still have bad skin. Not the worst ever, and I guess a lot better than some of my teenage years, but enough to be embarrassing at times. Enough to make me frustrated with being my age and even needing to think about acne treatment. I know I am not alone, I have seen others moan about it on twitter and blogs,so it seemed like reason enough to blog about it and what I discovered recently. If only, to share what I found, and to help anyone else feel less alone, if they too still have skin issues.

I googled adult acne one night when lying in bed, after my evening skin care routine had left me feeling very despondent. I was looking to see if there was anything new, anything that might help. I came across a site called acne.org

I was looking for what was new and ways to treat my skin now that might be different from when I was a teenager and no it seems that actually nothing has changed the same thing that helped teenagers – benzoyl peroxide is the same thing that helps now. I found Dan’s Regimen very interesting. The biggest thing that I took from it was to stop rubbing, scrubbing and any type of facial exfoliation. The touch needed was very minimal and as light as possible and he has a whole range of suggestions for products that can help.

While there seems to be a limited number of things that actually meet all the requirements I did manage to find some stuff here in SA. Granted that I have not had enough time to trawl the shops kid-free and read all the products and ingredient lists to find the perfect ones, but I think I have found some that just might work. I have yet to find benzoyl peroxide in 2,5% but I did find 5%. I read somewhere else on the web, that you could dilute it with water so that is what I have been doing for now but I will look for the 2,5% version and if anyone see it or has found it here please let me know.

So far I have been doing this for just under a week and even though I am pre menstral, usually a skin disaster time, I am seeing a slow improvement rather than a steady getting worse of my skin. The results are slow but he says that you have to start slowly so your skin gets used to the benzoyl peroxide and then build up to the doses that actually help.

My main motivation is to have clear skin for the wedding. I can not get married again and still have pimples! I will even settle for clearer skin.

Wrinkles… well lets not even go there. I am saying that they are all laughter lines and are therefore supposed to be there.

Do you have a love hate relationship with your skin?
Have you even suffered with adult acne?
or are you amongst the lucky ones with clean clear skin?

(and in case you were wondering the chemical thingy in the picture is benzoyl peroxide, see what The Geek has done to me, I put chemical thingy pictures into my blog, and now I am grinning thinking about his face when he reads then from his RRS feed and cringes inwardly at my use of the words chemical thingy. Well he might have served to add to my Geekiness but Pinky is still a little clueless about some of these things. But the picture was pretty and much better than what I could have put on here if I searched for acne pictures)