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Return of The Geek Bugs Bunny

The Geek like most of us, when through a time when his adult front teeth looked rather huge in a small child’s mouth, rather reminiscent of Bugs Bunny. The only problem was that The Geek though it would be funny to over exaggerate the prominence of his teeth by tucking his bottom lip under them, and thus immortalizing this rather unfortunate look in his school picture. Now if only we had a scanner… no shame I am really not that mean, hmm I am sure I could take a picture with my cell phone. ( No Pinky, bad Pinky, step away from the photo album)

Years later and of course The gorgeous Geek has grown into his teeth and that rather dorky boy is long forgotten. I think he is worried that I am trying to bring about the return of the said Bugs Bunny look with the new food that I am inflicting on him. We already do MeatFree Monday, although truth be told it is not always Monday, that depends how organised I am, and if I remember, but we do at least 1 vegetarian meal a week if not more. But things were about to get worse for The Geek, a die hard meat lover, like most South African men.

He has agreed that we need to eat ethical meat and that we need to be mindful of where our food comes from but he still would really like it if I would stop trying to mess with his meat đŸ˜‰

Part of the sustainability project is to reduce our electricity cost and reliance on fossil fuels. So I had a brilliant idea, I have a raw food cook book and while we will never change to a totally raw diet. If we add one day a week that we do not cook the food we lessen our carbon usage for that day in the electricity saved and also by not having meat we save the environmental damage that comes along with mass farming of livestock.

So last night was our first raw Bugs-Bunny-Food meal and I think I might have surprised the family, it was not as bad as they expected.

It was a salad, each person had their own salad in a lettuce leaf. I added tomatoe (except for Rachel) beans, cucumber, yellow pepper, apple, naartjies, sprouted chickpeas and a little biltong – yes I know not totally free of meat like I want but I had to start slowly and win them over to the idea of raw food each week. And technically the biltong is raw.

I then added a dollop of spinach ( wilted for a few minutes with salt and then rinsed and mixed with a cashew nut cream I made by blending raw cashew nuts, water,honey, salt and a very small piece of onion) I topped this with various seeds and cranberries. It was so yummy even the Pinklets loved it. Caleb loves spinach and said it was the best spinach he ever had

Pinklets enjoying their salad

I have a raw food book called Rawlicious by Peter and Beryn Daniel they have a company Superfoods I find the book very helpful but it is written more for those making a total change over and a lot of meals require a dehydrator which I don’t have and I guess if I am doing the raw food to save electricity using a dehydrator might negate the benefit so for the moment it is mostly salads and other raw ideas I can find that don’t need a dehydrator.

The next step is to make a solar oven

Could you eat raw once a week?

10 thoughts on “Return of The Geek Bugs Bunny

  1. It looks divine but I always look at vegetarian meals and raw meals with great sadness because a lot contain nuts and I’m allergic. But it really does look divine!

    • I know the feeling. I am highly allergic to avocado and a lot of raw cake and fridge tart and chocolate recipes in raw food cooking use avocado

  2. What about smoking some meat for the raw food diet? A smoker doesnt need electricity and I am sure The Geek will be able to make one himself. I wanna ask my MIL where FIL’s smoker is, I want to smoke my chicken, that also means no fat to cook it in.

  3. That looks DELICIOUS. I could do raw once a week. In fact, I could probably do raw for an entire summer season.
    NOT in winter though. I can’t stand cold food when I’m feeling cold.
    I am trying to sell this to my husband though and he is NOT keen.

    • Julia – The Geek was not that keen either but I feel that part of being the one that make most of the meals is that I have some say over what we eat and one day a week is not that much to ask, I will try my best to make the meals as nice as possible, but really salad is not that bad.

      Blackhuff: Gas is much greener and we are really hoping to change our stove over to gas as soon as we can afford it.

  4. Raw food is not a problem in our household. We eat raw food very often due to being healthy.
    Meatless days are more of a challenge for us. We try to do that once a week but sometimes fail.
    Reducing your electricity costs – we do that by using gas. Gas stove for that matter but I do not know if that will work for your household as you try to live Greener and I don’t know how green gas stoves are.

  5. Love this idea and totally going to steal it. I’ve gradually been becoming greener over the past few years: started with recycling paper, then started a compost heap, then started growing own veggies. Next step: recycling tins and growing herbs in them.

    • one day a week is easy enough and it is fun to think out of the box for meals. I hope you find some yummy raw meals too

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