Can you save?

On Thursday it was world water day. I did not forget, I was just needing to talk about tiara’s

Someone on twitter had a great idea for getting The Geek to like a tiara, wear it with lingerie and a beer in each hand, a few times of this and he should be conditioned to love it.

Since we started our sustainability project we have wanted to save water. As the #closethetap campaign on twitter says, by making small adjustments to your everyday life, you can reduce water wastage and help us to create awareness around the litres of water we literally pour down the drain each day.

This is what we have done so far:

As much as we would love to have a whole grey water system in place it is a bit expensive at the moment so we have tried to find things that we can do to save water and still be able to use what we need in the garden to grow our vegetables.

– I have a bucket in the shower that collects the extra water as I shower. It can’t collect it all but depending how long I take in the shower I can collect between 10 – 20 Litres per shower. If I wash my hair it is closer to 20L if I just jump in and wash and jump out then it is more like 10L, I use this water on the plants and saving having to use the tap. I have changed to Earth Friendly products from African Organics so even as I rinse if it goes into the bucket it is okay. Even if you don’t have these and are worried about your regular products on the plants just rinse them away from the bucket but collect the other water as you shower.

Turn off the tap in the shower, this is another option, you can get in and get wet and then turn of the tap, do all your soaping and washing with no water running and then just turn on the water again to rinse. This seems like more of a summer option but I am willing to try even in winter.

Skip a day of showering, at least once or twice a week I try not to have a full wash in the shower. And no I don’t just go smelly. I run a basin of water and use a cloth and do a basin wash. Of course it is not as clean as a shower but then I am not running around getting all that dirty and so every so often I don’t think it is bad, especially on days when I don’t need to wash my hair.

Use bath water from kids bath to fill the nappy bucket to soak the nappies. Again 20L fresh water saved

– If it is yellow let it mellow is pretty standard now in our house. Although the boys do most wees outside. I do go outside with my SheWee or I use an empty coffee jar and collect the urine and put it on the compost heap as a compost activator and a way to save the nutrients and add them to the garden later. How and why to put urine on your garden here

We would love to have a big rainwater collection drum but they are a bit pricey so for now we found a link on how to build your own rainwater collection which the boys built last weekend. It was perfect timing as it rained on Sunday night.

So what have you done to save water?
What can you do?

One small change from each of us have a ripple effect

3 thoughts on “Can you save?

  1. We fixed all the leaking taps in our house. And we throw the bathwater onto the grass instead of running the sprinkler.
    I read once about something that you put into the cistern that saves a few litres of water every time you flush the toilet? I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called. I want to get it. Do you have any idea what it is that I’m referring to?

    • Julia it is called a hippo I think. We have an in the wall cistern which is annoying. But at my parents house we used to just put a brick in the cistern, then needs less water to flush.

  2. I like the way you save water.
    Most people find it disgusting but me and my two children, share bath water. Me and my daughter bath together and then my son comes second. This way 3 people use the same bath water. This we have done since they were born. Saving water.

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