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I want a tiara

Thanks for all who commented on the date setting post. I also think yesterday would have been a great day. I used Tanya’s advice and asked The Geek if we could set a time when we could discuss the date. He was fine and asked if I was free for discussions half and hour later.

So it will be February next year we had 2 dates to choose between and The Geek went for the one that is all prime numbers – got to love him. He wanted to wait so we had more time and more money and the weather is the best in February for an outside wedding, the least chance of rain, even if it is a bit hot.

We are going to be doing it all ourselves and it will be very non traditional but I want a tiara. And not for any other reason than The Big Bang Theory. The Geek and I love that show and I laughed so much at Amy’s tiara scene, I can watch it a million times and still laugh. So I want one, The Geek is less keen.

I can’t seem to get the YouTube link to work, maybe The Geek can help tonight

9 thoughts on “I want a tiara

  1. Yay for a date! You can totally rock the tiara- just make it proportional to your face/head. We waited to plan our wedding, and I wish we’d take more time, so get started early- way fewer headaches (and arguments!). If you need any suggestions or help, I’m always happy to help with weddings!

  2. Agree with Megan πŸ™‚
    You can have a tiara if you want one, unless of course you want the Geek to wear it, then maybe he can have a say πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh my gosh I love that big bang theory scene. never seen that one. watched it 3 times.
    Every woman and girl loves a tiara. I sometimes go out of my house with my daughter and we both wear one πŸ™‚

  4. Well, The Geek doesn’t have to know that you will be wearing a Tiara, just do it on the day. But yes, just get the right size and fit. It is your wedding day and you are allowed to be the princess! They often look really pretty fantastic with the correct dress and hairdo.

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