The other arm and Greener sex

One night after coitus ( you have got to love Sheldon) I was lying behind The Geek, he was asleep, my brain on the other hand was far from done with thinking for the day.

Firstly, we should have screw off arms for spooning. What the hell do you do with the arm underneath? You can put it up above your head but that is not comfortable. The other person can lie on your arm, but then what about when you want to move? Because lets face it, spooning is great and lovely but then it’s enough and you need to move to your own bit of bed to actually sleep.You can sort of lie on it but then in gets in the way on being close and spooning the other person, which is after all the point. My solution is instead of pins and needles in your arm that has gone to sleep being tucked under you or bent at unnatural angles above your head, or due to the other person lying on it and you are plotting how to get it out without seeming unloving and ruining the moment of intimacy. Instead of these, it would be so much easier if we could just screw off the underneath arm and spoon in peace, enjoying the moment of un-baby-interrupted sex rather than worry about what to do with the arm. And yes I am aware that I over think things.

Secondly I thought about how much a baby changes your life, your sex life to be exact. From frequent sex to just being thankful that you managed to at least have sex once that week. You are lucky if both are awake at the same time and the baby is not. I think it is the baby’s evil plot, their way of enforcing birth control and preventing further siblings.

Birth control brings me onto my 3rd thought. So in this whole sustainability challenge is some contraception greener than others? And what about condoms, are there green biodegradable condoms? What I do know is that I do not want any more babies and that I can’t take hormones. In my brief Google search I saw something about sheepskin. I am not sure how The Geek would feel with his manhood wrapped in sheepskin. I am not sure how I feel. I will have to research this topic and will fill you all in with the greenest contraception options, dilemmas, debates and products and of course most will not be available in South Africa.

Stay tuned

but for now, over to you

what do you do with the other arm?
do you think the environment should be a consideration in birth control choices?

And just in case you thought I was the only mad person that has these arm thoughts check out this cool article by Christoph Niemann

5 thoughts on “The other arm and Greener sex

  1. LOL…you are so funny! I agree about the screw off arms. And I would quite frankly not be worrying about sheepskin and everything else. I’d just go and have my tubes tied or something. And yes, babies (AND kids) are just no good for ones sex life.

    • I think the tubes need to be done but the medical aid funny enough thinks it is better to pay more and more money for me to have babies but not to stop having them.

  2. Haha thought I was the only one dealing with the spare arm dilemma!
    I vote vasectomy! Way less invasive for men and the perfect green solution 🙂

  3. My medical aid paid for my tubes to be tied no questions asked. Definitely the easier option and it is so quick and painless (well almost, but myprodols after the fact were enough)

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