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Product review and competition – SheWee

I did a wee outside, standing up just like the boys! I should not be quiet so excited about this fact but it really was fun. My SheWee arrived this week. I was very keen to try it out especially in the light if my discovery about the amount of water we waste flushing urine and how it is actually a great fertilizer. The boys have been doing their bit and ‘watering’ the garden and Rachel has been bravely squatting on the grass but that left Pinky. I was not going to wee on my feet so I have a old glass coffee jar that I use when I go to the toilet and then empty on the compost heap, it feels a bit like giving a urine sample everytime I pee.

I was delighted to discover SheWee in South Africa and they very kindly donated a SheWee Extreme for me to try and one for me to give away as a prize on the blog.

It is very nicely packaged and the extreme is PINK, how cool is that. It comes with an extension pipe and a lovely case so you can keep it with you in a handbag. Rachel claimed the first try and was delighted to stand and pee like her brother. I noticed that it took her a while to get going and thought it was the attention of her brothers and I watching to see how it worked so I sent them all away.

Once rinsed it was my turn, I was surprised how thin the shaped funnel was, I did worry that it would not catch all the wee, But I worried in vane, it is so cleverly designed. You can pee standing up without removing any of your clothes. It would be easy to stand next to a bunch of peeing boys and join in without showing anything. Not that you would want to but you never know, at a festival after a few beers it might be a fun freak out a few boys and join in 😉

What did surprise me what how hard I found it to start peeing. As a girl you are just conditioned to wee when you sit down, as much as I needed a wee it was still hard to get my brain to let go and actually wee. I think the fact that I still had my clothes on too subconsciously made it harder to start. But once I got going it was awesome. No peeing on my feet! You do just have to watch the wind direction especially here in the windy Cape.

When I mentioned on twitter that I was getting a SheWee some people asked me if it was disposable. No this one is not. I am trying to cut down on our rubbish so I would not want it to be disposable. I actually can’t see why you would want it to be. You hold the outside plastic which is fluid repelant so any liquid runs off it very quickly and does not leave much residue behind, you can then rinse it ( and remember urine is sterile) and never come in contact with the wee at all. I would so much rather rinse something with my own wee on it that have to hover or sit on a public toilet. If it was dispoable it would be a waste of resources and then you could only use it once. I want to use mine all the time. My SheWee is now going everywhere with me!

When and where to use the Shewee? – From SheWee website

The list of uses below are just a few of our suggestions, but there are many more occasions when Shewee will prove invaluable…

General uses
When faced with a grubby public toilet
In foreign countries with unconventional facilities
When giving a specimen for medical testing
When you are stuck in traffic (a bottle would also be required!)
When on a long walk in the country
Elderly or disabled women who find bending difficult

Occupational uses
Women in the armed forces; camouflaged bottoms will no longer be necessary
Commercial drivers
Police Women

Hobby related uses
Festival goers (we all know the stories about the toilets at festivals!)
Private aeroplane owners
4×4 enthusiats

I think they need to add fertilizing the garden to the list.
You can order straight from the SheWee webiste, this is something every girl should have. Get one for yourself, your daughter, Mother, friend, Girlfriend.

I have one to give away on the blog, please comment below if you would like to win one, Just tell me about why you would love it or an embarrassing storey about needing to wee and not being near a toilet, you know the kind where you feet get wet.
Please comment anyway and tell me what you think, just say no thanks to the competition if you don’t want to be in the draw to win one. The draw will be randomly selected from those wishing to enter. Entry closes midnight Thursday 23 February ( South African time) I will announce the winner on Friday and then post off your prize. ** Please note only open to people in South Africa unfortunately**