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Why we should not ignore Valentines day

Oh the same dilemma every year. Do you or don’t you do anything for Valentines day? I am glad that xkcd had the same dilemma

I have heard all the reasons not to.
It is too commercial
Money making scam
Everyday should be Valentines day.
We are busy it is a working day.

And while I agree with all this, plus the fact that we have no extra money to spend going out, I am still not convinced we should ignore it.

Our lives are busy and hectic and no matter how much you are in love, the mundane and the everyday creeps in. Yes should be loving and doing things for each other everyday, but sometimes we are just trying to survive. Do we need a day to be reminded? A day to stop and think of ways to spoil and appreciate our loved ones? It is all too easy just to say that it should be everyday, but if we are honest we don’t go out of our way everyday to show our love.

If we don’t use this day in our rebellion against the commercial but we don’t really do any other day either. We all moan that Christmas is too commercial but most of us still celebrate and enjoy it. We can find ways to make it congruent with our own values, spend less money, make it an eco friendly day if you are a green nut like me. It does not have to be commercial but I don’t think we should ignore it. A day to show someone how much you love them does not have to cost a lot. But I think it is wrong to pretend it does not matter.

We show our kids that a day of Father Christmas and presents is important but a day to show someone you love them should be ignored? That does not sound right, kids need more examples of people showing love, they need to know that sometimes you need to take time out and make an effort to show someone you appreciate them.

My ex husband ignored it every year, well he ignored everything including our wedding anniversary. I would secretly hope that this time he would do something nice. I tried a few times and maybe I did not try hard enough either. But each year his ignoring it hurt.

How do you feel about Valentines day?
Are you celebrating Valentines day?
What are ways to have a inexpensive but still romantic day?

(great Pinky! Now you have talked yourself into this you know you actually have to find some awesome cheap way to spoil the geek tomorrow!)