Growing can be easy – start with sprouts

Growing stuff does not have to be difficult. You can start with something that you can eat in about 3 days. Yes healthy crunchy, full of goodness sprouts. Even if you don’t like them too much they can be hidden in most meals so even the most fussy eater will not notice the taste. Great in stew, salads, soups, stir-fry and on a sandwich

I am big on not buying more stuff but using what you have, so I took some glass jars from finished mayo, gerkins and other food. Poured a little of the different kinds of sprouts that I wanted into the bottom and covered with water. I used alfalfa, mung beans, radishes, and a salad mix. Leave in a dark place to soak overnight.

Drain the water off and rince the sprouts twice a day. I catch the water and the nutrient drain off and water the plants with it.

I covered the tops with some net tulle that I had and tied the tops with yarn. You can get a fine mess wire that you can also use that fits into a special lid and bottle but I used what I had and it works as well.

Put the sprouts on a window still, it is best to store them top sloped down so that excess water can drain off. You get special racks that you can stack the jars on that hold them at an angle but I found a tupperware worked just as well

Depending on the type of sprouts they can be ready in as little as 2-3 day but some take about 5

Ready sprouts

I want to sprout beetroot next, apparently it sprouts bright red! How cool