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Help I need a new hot beverage

Why is it that we find a hot beverage so appealing? I love to have a cup of something on the go near me most of the time.

I have decided I want to cut down the amount of cow milk that I drink. Lately I have not really been enjoying my tea with milk. My usual is Rooibos with a bit of milk no sugar.
I drank a lot of coffee before I was pregnant. Morning-Sickness, no lets call it what it is, All-Day-Sickness put a stop to that. I could not even drink Rooibos let alone coffee. I do now occasionally have a cup of coffee but I am finding that I don’t enjoy it like I used to.

I like having a hot drink now the question is what should I try?

In my cup at the moment I have some Coca Tea which does not taste so good on its own but with lemon juice is quite nice

It is a tea of the Inca and supposed to help control mood and appetite, both of which can do with some controlling. Especially since my domestic worker asked me if I was pregnant again, I replied that I was definitely not so she said, oh well then I must just be fat! Coca is the non addictive leaves of the plant they use to make cocaine. It was used a medicinal plant by the Incas long before the process that would change the chemical configuration to extract cocaine.

I am not even sure where I got this box, it has been hanging on the tea shelf for ages.

What do you drink?
Do you take milk and sugar?
What new drinks have you tried?
Any suggestions for something interesting I can try?

7 thoughts on “Help I need a new hot beverage

  1. I also find myself not enjoying my coffe that much anymore. I do love strong earl rey tea with a splash of milk. I really dislike rooibos, but ironically would do alot to find another box of rooibos tea with cinnamon. I have dreams about the stuff.

  2. Many years ago I got a Liquorice tea as a gift from someone in America. It was the best thing I’ve ever tasted, but I’ve tried various other brands and it didn’t come close to it.

    I also use to drink coffee, but after the pregnancy it tastes horrible, but I can drink the really cheap (brands like Koffiehuis) coffee now and it doesn’t taste as bad as the ‘good’ stuff.

  3. What a great post because I’ve also asked some ladies today what else can I drink beside coffee or tea (which do take the iron out of your body) because I was diagnosed with Anemia.
    After suggestions and Google, I decided on getting some pure cocoa powder from the Health Food store, mix one teaspoon of that with warm water (or milk) and enjoy. One can add sugar if you want to. I needed something other than coffee or tea due to my Anemia.

  4. I drink Cocoa. I went off black Rooibos and Hot Chocolate. So now My 2yr old and I drink Cocoa, it’s bitter and I love it. With or without milk.

  5. I just drink hot water – easy and cheap (and because I usually forget to drink it halt the time, I can still drink it cold or luke warm without it tasting revolting lol!) I haven’t drunk cow milk in YEARS.

  6. Just found your blog (Thanks Sarah) and saw this post. My man LOVES coca tea! He drinks it as is (even cold) which I find horrible. Will be trying it with lemon!

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