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Herb Pyramid Recipe

I saw this herb pyramid on Pinterst and told The Geek that I would really rather like one.

Here is our Recipe

1 Geek, willing to make the crazy plans that I come up with, even thought this means not tidying the study, which he had planned to do this weekend.

Variety of pallets, that you gave acquired by careful scavenging off building site and other industrial areas, where they have been discarded. ( Be sure to ask if you may re-home these items as no allowance is made in this recipe for time in jail)

Nails, screws, hammers and whatever other thingymabobs that one needs to put these piece of wood together, this is The Geeks department and I am sure if he is worth his handy man status he has all that is required.

Herbs and seeds


Plant food


Empty plastic bottles 500ml ( smaller water one are better for this than the than bigger 2L ones which can be used for trees)


Bat eyelids at your Geek and kindly request that he make the said herb pyramid, open Pinterest and show him your example with great excitement. A good man, who is always a keeper, likes to make his lady happy so the trick here is to be excited and to let him know how happy this would make you. Men work on a reward system they like to add points to their side of the score board as it may all lead you feeling inclined to reward him in a affectionate way later.

The Geek then measures the boxes and makes each one progressively smaller but with longer stilts to hold them up. Make sure that when the boxes are inside each other that the spaces between are big enough for planting as we did need to take one of the boxes apart and shorten all the sides and the space was not big enough.

Plan where your herb pyramid is going to go. I am a huge fan of build up no dig gardening. I cover whatever area that I am going to be planing on with cardboard to kill the grass or weeds underneath ad then I layer on top of that.

You want a food layer on the bottom of each layer, the trough are small so you don’t want anything too strong as you don’t want to burn the roots. I mixed a little chicken manure to a lot of well decomposed compost mixed with potting soil.

Plan the herb layers, you need plants that like it hot and dryer near the top so Rosemary, sage, marjoram and oregano. In the middle layer you want chives, garlic, parsley, and chamomile. While on the bottom plan for your water loving mint, coriander, dill and basil.

If you live in a cooler climate you may want to use a brick spiral to trap heat but for us we have too much heat so the pallet box system works better. Here is a great link to the Herb brick spiral

Drill small holes in the lid of the water bottles. Make sure that they are not too big as you want the water to trickle in slowly. Cut off the bottom of the bottle and plant upside down, a few per layer. Alternatively take a glass bottle and fill with water and push into the ground, it will trickle water in the same way. We found that the glass ones empty slower than the plastic ones but the we may just have drilled our holes a little too big.

Mulch well and done

Don’t forget to reward your man well.