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Should boys wear green nail polish?
We were in the shops buying some gifts for the kids cousins. Caleb asked for some green nail polish. He wanted monster nails. Rachel has quite a lot of different colours and I could see that at 4 he was just curios. I had no problem with it and he is now sporting some rather fancy green finger and toenails.

Yme was not that keen and maintains that I should have just said no boys don’t wear nail polish. But this is not totally true, there are many boys and men, goths, punks and people who do wear nail polish. I see no reason at this point to make huge gender differentiation when it is just curiosity because his sister does it. And besides he loves green so why not green finger nails.

I asked on twitter what people thought of a 4 year old boy wearing green nail polish and funny enough most women had no problem with it but a lot of the men thought it was a no no.

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t see any issue with it, he is a child still after all and as you said it is mainly curiosity. As he grows older though, it may get him teased but still the choice is his.

    As for grown men – the “Mafia Manicure” includes clear nail varnish to protect the nails and give them extra shine. I do like a guy with well groomed hands and nail polish tends to highlight any flaws in the manicure so polished gents tend to have better groomed hands IMXP (in my experience.)

  2. I don’t have a problem with it but I can see my husband having a fit. My 4 year old was putting lip gloss on everyone and everything and my husband stopped her when she wanted to put some on our 6 month old baby boy.

    • I have no fixed ideas about what they need to be now or later. I don’t think that a bit of nail polish will change them one way or another. They will be what they will be and I will love them.

  3. I think society puts too much emphasis on gender specific issues. I see lots of men wear pink shirts and look quite good in it. Now the green nail polish was specific so that your little boy could have monster hands and feet. Can’t get more boyish than that! Makeup serves all sorts of purposes and doesn’t mean one thing or another, its just fun and fantacy.

  4. Sorry I made a mistake on my e mail addres on the previous post. Tried to correct it but was already too late. The above is my correct e mail.

  5. I dont see the issue. Aaron asked for his toe nails to be painted because he sees mine painted (I never paint my finger nails).
    Its natural curiosity 🙂

  6. he is 4 not 24 dont see why they cannot wear nail polish. Rafe also used to ask to have his nails painted occasionally but he has outgrown that stage now.

  7. Like Gina, I never paint my finger nails, only my toe nails. My 4yr old also wants his done and I indulge him. I truly believe that it is just curiosity and that he is imitating me. Having said that, my DH does NOT like it so I’m wondering what that’s about. He can’t exactly give me a good reason why he doesn’t like it – except for the “boys don’t wear nail polish” argument, which, as you say is not strictly true.

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