Saying goodbye to Stanley

Stanley was my dog, I got him in 2000 he was 18 months old then, so in dog years he will be 91 in March. He is a Labrador, the kids have loved him and grow up with him, he has always been around and especially for Rachel he has been her first pet. He is so gentle and has always put up with the riding him and playing with him and has never ever in all his life even snarled or growled at them, even when they might well have deserved it.

On Christmas day after Yme, me and the kids left to go visit friends Stan had a seizure and when we got back on 27th he was not doing so well. He was a bit disorientated and seemed to be breathing quite heavily, his back legs were also very weak. But in the days before we left back to Cape Town he did rally a bit and today my mom sent us am MMS and said he had a bath and was doing much better.

Saying gooddbye was hard as we knew we would probably not see him again.
Rachel took the goodbye very very hard.

7 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Stanley

    • I guess it is part of the life and death lessons that they have to learn.
      I love deeply is to mourn deeply, but I would rather the felt great love and had the sadness than were too closed to love with all their hearts

  1. He is such a lovely family friend and was amazing with all the kids. It is sad when they start getting old and you can see that time with them is getting shorter

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