We were in Pretoria for Christmas with my parents. I lived in that house with them when I returned to South Africa and it is a place the kids and I feel very comfortable. I grew up in Pretoria and spent most of my life there, it still to a certain extent feels like home. Christmas with my parents was very familiar and full of our family traditions. I even got to see my sister briefly. Friends and kids visited and played in the garden and pool just like we did before. It was very relaxing

Landing back in Cape Town on old years eve was actually quite strange, as much as I love Cape Town and our house and the life we have here, I am still most familiar with Pretoria. It has taken a while to settle back in and I think the kids have felt this too. But going to the beach today to walk the dog and play was lovely. I really really love where we live and have so many plans for our house.

I am sure in time Cape Town will feel more and more like home. but Pretoria always has a special place in my heart.

4 thoughts on “home?

  1. Only natural that Pretoria will always have a special place in your heart. Holds many memories from a certain period in your life.
    And yes, at some point CT will feel like home.

  2. The place where we grow up in, usually have a special place in one’s heart and I understand that.
    Being in Cape Town over the holidays make me miss it so much seeing this picture on your blog. Me and hubby is seriously considering to move there – now to find work there.

    • I love living here, especially the west coast where we are. I am totally in love with our life style and home here.
      Just be warned Cape Town salaries can be a lot lower than Jhb

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