Product Review: Hipp Organic

Hipp organic baby food I was asked by Kate from Brand Bakery if I would like to be involved in the launch of Hipp Organic Baby food here in South Africa. I know the brand from when I was in the UK and was delighted to be involved as Titus was just going onto solids.

So it was to great excitement that the box was delivered to our house

We got 4 boxes of banana baby porridge, 2 trays of Tender Carrot and Potatoes which was Titus’s favourite
2 trays of spaghetti bolognese
2 trays Sweet Squash and chicken
1 tray Banana and peach desert
1 tray Red Fruit and Apple Compote

From the first jar Titus loved it

Love at first spoon

Titus and Hipp Organic

Titus has a veracious appetite and has by far been my easiest child to introduce to solids. Rachel spat everything out and if you persisted she would projectile vomit it all at you. She really only started eating after a year and then went straight onto finger foods. Caleb I started with finger foods from the beginning and he enjoyed food but was never as enthusiastic as little T-man is.

The cereal in the morning was very helpful as he really enjoys sitting with everyone while they have breakfast. This and a top up of mommy-milk afterwards means that he has a good morning nap.

I have never been a mom to use jars of food as the main baby food. I usually made their food myself and they quickly moved onto what we were eating. But ready made food does take things to a whole new convenience level. It makes going out easy and we also left a tray at Yme’s mom so when we visited we knew there was always food for Titus. I am not sure I would or could afford to just use ready made food but was lovely to use and great for having when going out. If your budget permitted and time was a factor I would say this would be great for busy moms.

I remember the range of healthy snacks that you used to get in England. The little packets of rice cakes, healthy chips, fruit bars etc. Titus was too young for those and I am not sure if they are part of the range that has come to SA, but I hope so because I used to get the snacks for the kids all the time in the UK.

The nice things about this food is knowing that it was organic. Here is a bit about Hipp Organic:
HiPP was the first Baby food-company to establish organic farming back in 1956. We pride ourselves on being the leader of baby nutrition in major markets in Europe. HiPP’s philosophy is to manufacture healthy products with premium quality ingredients in compliance with nature. HiPP:- – is the largest procurer of organic ingredients in the world – sources our ingredients from more than 6000 farms in 29 countries – products go through an average of 260 quality tests and checks before it gets onto the shelf

HiPP Organic launched in the South African Market in July 2011.

Available in selected Clicks stores now

And now given that I am such a Pinterest addict and love Recycling and Reusing things, I have some new ideas to do with the left over jars

From Frugal Decor Mom Paint the tops with Black board paint and fill with herbs – I think this might be a Christmas gift

Did you use read made baby food or mostly make your own?
Were you kids very different when it came to starting solids?
If you used jars did you make anything nifty from the left over jars?

8 thoughts on “Product Review: Hipp Organic

  1. i’ve started cookingmy own veggies for Emma

    the purity is just too damn expensive and hipp is even more so, especially since she eats 2 purities and a massive bowl of cereal every day

    took me one evening of boiling and blending and made 20 meals for just under R70 🙂

    still bought fruit purity though

    and the veggies look SO much nicer than the purity

    the hipp stuff is awesome though, but it’s on average R3 a jar more expensive and if you only feed from the jar, that works out R180 min a month extra and i need to save every cent right now!

    • Thanks Megan, I understand the cost thing totally. I know I would never be able to afford it as the main food. I just feed him from what we eat. He loves gem squash, feed it to him straight out of the skin, he ate 2 late night! ( plus potatoes, peas, chicken and then custard – nothing wrong with this boys appetite)
      I will get them for going out as it is just occasionally and I like that what is in them is organic

  2. I love the organic factor and always bought a few to keep at the bottom of my nappy bag incase we went somewhere for longer or if the food I took with was not enough! Handy to have. Will definitely give Hipp a go as we try to eat mostly organic and for my kids even more so. Does it have Rapeseed oil in though as a huge amount of baby foods are coming out with it and its so bad for them?

    • Shay I have no idea, would it be listed in the ingredients or is it one that is listed as veg oil and hidden? I can try find out.

  3. I made homemade food for both mine. I just couldnt justify the cost of ready made and at least I knew what went into mine.

    Aaron was (and still is) a terrible eater. He did exactly what Rachel did, spit out then projectile all over everything and everyone.

    Faith eats everything and we did a mixture of pureed food and baby led weaning. She loves eating with her hands and we are pretty much off the puree now though.

    • I love baby lead weaning! Did it totally for Caleb but Titus wanted to eat sooner than he was able to feed himself enough but now he mostly eats himself.

  4. I’m interested to hear that there are issues with rapeseed oil.
    Shay, can you tell us more about this?
    If it’s bad for babies, I’m assuming it’s not the greatest for the rest of us either??
    More info please!

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