Recent knitting projects

I made a shawl for Rachel’s birthday which I realize by some huge over sight I have not yet blogged about! ( Note to self: Blog about Rachel’s Party) This was the first shawl that I have made and was rather chuffed how it came out. It is the Sunny Days Shawlette from Nurturing Fibres

Rachel's Shawl

I then made one for my Mom’s 60th Birthday. Both Shawls were made with Yarn from Carle at Nurturing Fibres This pattern is the Aestlight which mom saw Carle knitting and really liked

Mom 60th Shawl

Knitted shawlette

My friend Ghilraen was going over to England so I sent some Mug Hugs with her. Lucy had kindly posted me a book of mug hug patterns and it seemed fitting that the Home Ed Ladies from our Thursday group benefited from the first Mug Hugs I knitted. I know Lucy got the cream cables, I am not sure which ones Jane, Emma or Katherine choose.

Home Ed Ladies Mug Hug

Mug Hug for the Home Ed ladies

Mug Hug for Home Ed Ladies

I am a little into shawls right now as you can see so I made my sister Jenni one for the winter in UK for her birthday and Christmas, we are not really doing gifts for the adults but it might not get to her in time for her birthday. The bummer about December birthday is combined presents although we are usually very good and make sure her day is special as a birthday. I think 8 Decemeber is far away enough from Christmas to not be too affected. This pattern was the Ishbel and I loved doing it

Rachel modeled the shawl for me and she loves it, she asked if I would make her a duck egg blue one for my sisters wedding next March, she is a flower girl and her dress is going to have duck egg blue in it

Jenni's birthday shawl

Sisters Ishbel

Coral Ishbel

I made Oli a dinosaur for his birthday, I owe him a cave man but I must get some skin colour first