The power of Twitter

My little sister is going through a tough time at the moment and I so wanted to give her a hug and take her to coffee and do the things that big sisters do, but with her being in London and me being in Cape Town I felt a bit helpless.

Then I suddenly thought, if I can’t deliver coffee to her maybe I could tweet and ask if someone on twitter would be willing to help. So at 9am this morning I tweeted “Power of twitter? Can I get a cup of coffee & muffin to my sister in Fitzroy Street London. Can u help, will PayPal the cost. pls RT”

The morning passed and RT started rolling in I counted 72 at one point and still I seemed no closer to getting my sister a coffee. But I was blown away by peoples kindness to RT and try help me.
@magependragon had a friend @xTaltos who could help. I emailed him but then the RT really started to fly.
@sparticus was close by but very busy and would try later during the day if no one else could help.
@ActionLamb offered to help but then @Tom_Parnell was literally around the corner on Tottenham Court Road so he was able to pop out and do it with very little trouble.

Here is the picture of my sister and Tom and the coffee. I am so grateful to twitter and the power of human kindness to help cheer my sister up today. There must have been over 100 Retweets today from all over the world. If you doubt the kindness of strangers and the power of people to reach out and touch the lives of complete strangers then this story might just brighten your day too.

Tom thank you so much. You made a big sister very happy.

twitter coffee for my sister

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