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29 Gifts - how a month of giving can change your life

29 Day Giving Update

Day 6 Saturday: Pot Plant for Chantel

Day 7 Sunday: Chocolate cake for the car guard

Day 8 Monday: Kid sitting for a friend who needed blood tests

Day 9 Tuesday:Phone call to my Gran who is 92 and gets very lonely

Day 10 Wednesday: Posted a knitted shawl for my sister and a dinosaur tracksuit top for my nephew

Day 11 Thursday: Gave my friend Catherine who takes wonderful photos of my kids some nappy covers that she can use for photoshoots.
Made Nasi Goreng for Yme after his exam which is his favourite, we wanted to celebrate the end of exams for this year and make him feel special. Rachel set the table, Caleb made Jelly and I made the dinner.

Day 12 Friday: Caramel/Fudge for Carle who had been craving it since Wednesday and took Oli his birthday dinosaur that I owed him.

Day 13 Saturday: Had a pudding party – that counts, I love my friends. I helped teach Carlise a great new cast on method that I learnt. She needed some encouragement for a dress she is knitting – brave woman started with such a big project. Her perseverance is paying off.

Day 14 Sunday: Complement and encouragement to a friend who is so talented and his work takes my breath away. I hope he finds his way back to that passion to capture beautiful moments again.

Day 15 Monday: Posted some bath tea and a note to a friend

It is not the size of the gift and so often it is stuff we do in everyday life anyway, we all give all the time. It is just about being open to doing these things with a giving heart and because we want to make others happy rather than wanting anything back. Sometime it is the things we would do everyday but might feel a bit begrudging. So read a story to your kid but thinking how much you love them and giving them you gift of time and making extra effort with the voices and sound effects rather than just trying to get to the end of an evening routine as is sometimes the case.

Anyone else thinking of trying the challenge?
There is the website I forgot to add the link last time 29 Day Giving Challenge

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